What is Alaa Abdel Khaleq’s disease?

What is Alaa Abdel Khaleq’s disease?
What is Alaa Abdel Khaleq’s disease?

The cause of Alaa Abdel-Khalek’s illness, many news spread that the artist Alaa Abdel-Khalek was suffering from a physical problem that made him move to a hospital in Egypt.

As far as they talk about a generation of great artists, including the artist Alaa Abdel-Khalek, as he achieved great success through a number of artworks that he performed during his life, and we note that Alaa Abdel-Khalek is classified as one of the most famous and prominent personalities that we will define.

Yesterday evening, singer Alaa Abdel Khaleq held his daughter’s wedding party in a Cairo hotel, and the ceremony was held by friends of the singers of the nineties generation.

The ceremony was attended by Ehab Tawfik, Mustafa Qamar, Hamid Al Shaari, Hisham Abbas, Hassanem Hosni and many other stars.

During the wedding ceremony, Alaa Abdel-Khaleq appeared with great patient features, as he came sitting and his friends gathered around him and sang around him in an image that some considered a human being from their artist friends.

While the audience of social networking sites was afflicted with a state of sadness after the illness that afflicted the artist, Alaa Abdel-Khalek, wishing him recovery.

Who is Alaa Abdel-Khalek?

  • Alaa Abdel Khalek is an Egyptian singer who studied music at the Institute of Arab Music and specialized in playing the flute.
  • Alaa Abdel-Khalek began his artistic career in the Friends Band with classmates: Mona Abdel-Ghani and the Mu’tazila singer Hanan, with their participation in the musician Ammar Al-Sharie’i.
  • He stopped singing for a period that lasted for 6 years, then he came back again in the album Love Mesh Ordinary.

Alaa Abdel-Khalek and the Syndicate of Musical Professions

Alaa Abdel-Khaleq revealed, in a previous interview, that the Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions has not contacted him for years, and that his friends are the ones who communicate with him, including music distributor Hamid Al-Shaeri, Hisham Abbas, Helmy Abdel-Baqi, Hassan Abdel-Majid, composer Essam Karika, and singer Hanan and Mona Abdel-Ghani.

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