Wissam Sabbagh cries because of his parents.. and confirms: I tied myself to comedy

Wissam Sabbagh cries because of his parents.. and confirms: I tied myself to comedy
Wissam Sabbagh cries because of his parents.. and confirms: I tied myself to comedy


The Lebanese actor, Wissam Sabbagh, could not hold back his tears when talking about his parents, stressing that he cries every time he talks about them. Because they are “the most precious people, and losing them was very difficult and hard for him.”

He said, in a televised interview on the “Show the Story” program, that he “grew up in a loving home full of giving and honesty, and learned from his parents all the wonderful qualities, and he regrets that he did not express his love to them, and he hopes to live with them some moments again.”

He expressed his annoyance at people’s curiosity to know the religion he embraces, indicating that he is a person open to all religions and has a spontaneous and simple way to communicate with the Creator, and the reason for this is his parents, who were of two different religions.

He denied what was said about the actor as a “liar and deceiver”; He justified this by saying that “the actor needs a lot of honesty in order to convey his feelings to the viewers,” commenting: “The actor is the truest being in front of the camera.”

Wissam Sabbagh with Rabaa El-Zayyat, presenter of “Show El-Qessa” program

I restricted myself to comedy

In addition, Sabbagh revealed that he had to refuse to participate in comedies for two years in order to break the image that the audience and the directors took of him, until he was able to get an opportunity in the series “For Death”.

He said that the reason for his restriction to the framework of comedy is his lack of awareness and maturity in his early days. Because comedy is a very great thing, but with the lack of works and the lack of true, non-vulgar comedy, it made him want to move away, commenting: “I want to knock on all the doors of art.”

He said that there is a golden opportunity waiting for him that will take him to another place.

Latest works by Wissam Sabbagh

It is worth noting that Wissam Sabbagh’s latest work is the series “For Death, Part 3”, which was shown in the last Ramadan race 2023, starring Maguy Bou Ghosn, Daniela Rahma, Yamen Hajali, Mahyar Khadour, Ahmed Al-Zain, Carole Abboud, and Fadi Abi Samra. And Randa Kaadi.

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