The death of the blogger’s brother, Sherihan Youssef, because of the Korean Indomie

The blogger’s brother, Sherihan Youssef, died because of the Korean Indomie, which caused a sensation through various social networking sites, and she warned against eating those dangerous noodles that claimed her brother’s life.

Blogger came out She called Sherihan Youssef, via the “Tik Tok” application, to tell what happened with her little brother, who is no more than 17 years old, pointing out that he decided to enter a challenge that ended his life immediately.

The reason for the death of the blogger’s brother, Sherihan Youssef

Sherihan confirmed that her brother ate spicy Korean noodles for the first time, after he saw a challenge on YouTube and wanted to imitate it.

She explained that the cause of death was the hot sauce and the spices found in Korean noodles, which caused him many complications that led to his death, according to what the doctors confirmed after he was transferred to the hospital.


Do Korean noodles cause death?

Dr. Muhammad Al-Manisi, a consultant for internal diseases, the digestive system and the liver, responded to the questions posed by many citizens, after the news of the death of the well-known blogger’s brother spread, stressing that the Korean or local noodles known as Indomie will not cause death.

Al-Manisi indicated, in press statements, that it goes through many stages, starting from the production steps until it reaches the consumer to obtain the necessary permits from the health authorities.

He also pointed out that it consists of flour and its harm lies in empty calories only, so it is not encouraged to eat it, but it has a permit to eat it and is manufactured in many countries of the world, including Canada and the United States of America.

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