Muhammad Ramadan’s “dollars” put him back in the circle of criticism

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, threw himself into the circle of criticism again, because he published pictures of him from inside a private plane, which showed “sums of dollars” on the seat next to him, and they were circulated widely on social media during the past hours.

The “dollars” incident was not the first because of which Ramadan was subjected to criticism. He previously published his pictures with “pool dollars” and “gold toothpaste”, before retracting and erasing them from his pages on the communication sites, following the criticism, as he did (Saturday). With a picture of the last “dollars” that he deleted from “Instagram”; But he kept one photo on his Facebook account after it was modified.

Muhammad Ramadan next to the dollars (his Facebook page)

Ramadan’s “dollars” sparked a wave of critical comments about his images and behavior. In this context, the former dean of the “Heart Institute” in Egypt, Dr. Gamal Shaban, addressed his Facebook page to Ramadan, saying: “With these dollars that it becomes clear that you do not need them, you must buy electrical regulators for intensive care for heart patients to save their lives.” ». For the Egyptian artist to respond: “Thank you, Doctor… Send me the names of the hospitals that need the devices and your phone number.” His comment received positive reactions for accepting the doctor’s advice.

Pictures of “dollars” also moved the Egyptian parliament. According to local media, a member of the “Plan and Budget Committee” in the House of Representatives, Representative Amal Abdel Hamid, submitted a parliamentary briefing (Saturday) to the Minister of Finance and the head of the Tax Authority, to find out the extent of “Ramadan’s commitment to paying the annual taxes due on him on the legal date.” In a request to inform her, she said, “Last June, the Egyptian artist was accused of tax evasion and providing incorrect data about his profits that he receives for his works.”

Commenting, the Egyptian art critic Ahmed Saad El-Din said: “Muhammad Ramadan knows how to promote himself,” stressing that he “deals with the means of communication successfully, especially when addressing his audience, and what he does leaves a strong reaction, negative or positive; But in the end, it counts for him, not against him.”

He added to Asharq Al-Awsat: “The most important thing for Ramadan is to raise viewership rates on its pages. Every artist has his own opinions and convictions, and this does not diminish him. On the contrary, his film is currently showing, and another will be released during the Eid al-Adha season. What he does helps him promote his business.”

And about the parliamentary briefing because of the “dollars” images, he said: “The production company that Muhammad Ramadan deals with is aware of the wages of its artists, and deals with taxes by deducting the part allocated to it from the wages of the artists.”

Behind the scenes of the movie Al Zero (Mohamed Ramadan’s Facebook page)

The movie “Harley” leads the revenue race for Egyptian cinemas, after it began showing during the Eid Al-Fitr season. It was written by Mohamed Samir Mabrouk and directed by Mohamed Samir. Ramadan co-stars Mahmoud Hamida and Mai Omar. The series “Jaafar El-Omda”, directed by Mohamed Sami and starring Ramadan, also achieved remarkable success during the last Ramadan season, and some of its characters topped the “trend” during the past weeks, while Ramadan is currently continuing to shoot the movie “A Al-Zero” with Nelly Karim to be released in the Eid Al-Adha season.

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