The fact that Hassan Shakoush reconciled with his wife, Reem Tariq

The fact that Hassan Shakoush reconciled with his wife, Reem Tariq
The fact that Hassan Shakoush reconciled with his wife, Reem Tariq

A source close to festivals performer Hassan Shakoush revealed the truth about his reconciliation with his wife, Reem Tariq, after the recent crisis that erupted between them.

The source told Vito that there is a singer close to “Shakosh”, who intervened in order to resolve the crisis, and the return of Reem to her husband, indicating that Shakush and Reem’s family had already been talked to, during the past days, after the matter reached the public through the “Social Media” platforms.

And the source continued, that it is possible to reconcile, during the coming days, after he asked the two not to talk on social media, indicating that no reconciliation has taken place yet.

As for Reem Tariq’s divorced, and the fact that Shakush asked him to speak to the media, the source told “Vito” that Shakush did not know him from the ground up and did not speak to him before.

On the other hand, it was Hassan Shakush comment Through his personal account on the famous photo site “Instagram” about his recent dispute with his wife, Reem Tariq.

Hassan Shakoush’s wife

Hassan Shakoush published a picture of him from his most recent appearance and commented on it, saying: “Praise be to God and thanks be to you, Lord. In any case, the truth is, the last period. We shared with you many problems. It was not useful that we share them with you because no one knows anything. In any details, even no matter how much I hear any defamation, but it is true that every person will ask before our Lord about his words, but.”

Hassan Shakoush’s wife, Reem Tariq

And he continued: “Praise be to God, and I would like to apologize to all the people of my house, all the members of my business management, and every member of my band for the abuse they are exposed to, and I apologize again to every household in Egypt and outside Egypt for the abuse that I got on social media.”

Hassan Shakoush and Reem Tariq

With regard to the repercussions of the case of Shakoush’s wife, and what was recently raised about the crime of forgery in official documents due to the concealment of his marriage to another, and his wife’s concealment of her previous marriage to another in the official marriage certificate, Muhammad Abu El-Ela, the lawyer for festival performer Hassan Shakoush, said: “The marriage certificate that was submitted to the Special Court In my client’s wife written Ms. Reem Al-Bakr Al-Rashid.

Hassan Shakoush’s lawyer

He added, during a phone call to the “Tahrir Hall” program presented by the media, Azza Mustafa, on the “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “The father of Reem, Hassan Shakoush’s wife, acknowledged behind the official that his daughter, Miss Al-Bint Al-Rasheed, is the opposite of the truth because she was married.”

And she continued, “Hassan Shakoush did not know that she was married, and the information that she was divorced was hidden from the authorized person and my client.”

The comment of Reem Tariq’s lawyer

For her part, Heidi Al-Fadali, the lawyer of Reem Tariq, the wife of Hassan Shakoush, commented: “Until this moment we did not see the first voucher and we asked it from the Family Court on October 6 and it is still not available, and we do not know what is written in it, but certainly the voucher says that it is divorced.”

And she confirmed: “My client, Reem, wants to resolve the issue of divorce amicably without issues, and to end the matter amicably, on the condition that she apologizes for all the crises that she was exposed to, and she will not give up her legal rights.”

Hassan Shakoush’s new song

In another context, festivals singer Hassan Shakoush is preparing to release a new song, “Duet” with popular singer Tariq Al-Sheikh, called “In My Heart is a Surgeon,” and he published a promotional clip for it.

Shakush commented on his personal account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange site, saying: “Who is waiting for me?”

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