Iman Al-Assi: I received letters threatening to kidnap my daughter

Iman Al-Assi: I received letters threatening to kidnap my daughter
Iman Al-Assi: I received letters threatening to kidnap my daughter

revealed Actress Iman Al-Assi about receiving threatening letters to kidnap her only daughter, “Ritaj”; In retaliation for her evil deeds with the character of “Dalal”, within the events of the series “Jaafar Al-Omda”, which was shown in the Egyptian series for the Ramadan 2023 season, and achieved the lead in viewership.

Iman Al-Assi said, during an interview with the “With You” program with the media, Mona El-Shazly, in the presence of her daughter, Retaj: “From the beginning of Episode 19;

Iman Al-Assi indicated that she did not deal with the threats seriously, despite their seriousness, and said: “I definitely bet on the audience’s awareness and that we are acting, and then the tone began to calm down and the messages were begging me not to do anything harmful in Saif, in exchange for that they would forgive me after they feared me.”

Iman Al-Assi confirmed that the audience’s dealings with her differed after the appearance of the evil side of her character in the events of the series, and she said: “A long time ago, before the series, they greeted me and there was kindness on their faces as they imagined me, now they are hesitant to approach me or not.”

Actress Iman Al-Assi denied everything that was circulated about changing the end of the series, stressing that the first scenes they filmed in the work are the last episode, and indicated that only one scene was added that did not affect the end of the work.

And she continued, “The first scene I filmed was the scene of the confrontation with Jaafar El-Li at the end. We all filmed the end at the beginning of the series.”

Iman Al-Assi was pressured to spoil the events of the series

She confirmed that she was under severe pressure to burn the end of the series before completing it, but she did not, to the extent that some of them offered her huge sums of money.

And she continued: “My phone was 24 hours a day, and my neighbors banged on me asking, and all people asked me about the end, to the point where I was offered money in large sums, and God Almighty, in exchange for what I say, because some people made bets on the end, so they wanted me to burn it in order to win .. but I never said naturally”.

Iman Al-Assi: I didn’t know that I was so evil!

Iman Al-Assi revealed her apology for not presenting two other roles in the same series, indicating her admiration for Dalal’s role and her determination to perform it and rejecting other roles, saying: “Muhammad Ramadan admired my determination for the role, and I did not know that I was so evil, and I spent the series on blank without thinking.” .

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