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Shaden Muhammed Hussain

The Sudanese artist, Shaden Mohamed Hussein, was killed when a stray shell hit her house.

According to activists on the communication sites, shrapnel from a shell caused the death of the artist inside her home in Omdurman at dawn today, Saturday.3f7496067e.jpg

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Shaden Muhammed Hussain

The tragedy of Shaden’s sudden death caused a severe shock, as sadness and grief overtook the Sudanese, while the people of art and creativity, through their pages on social networking sites, wrote expressions of lamentation for the late artist.

And on his Facebook page, the Sudanese singer and musician, Atef Anis, mourned with words dripping with sadness and anguish, saying, “And the star, the bird of hope, is also missing?? May God forgive us, we did not protect you from the enemies of beauty. We love you, Shaden.. I love your Kordofan, the tea of ​​your tongue, and the sparrow of your tenderness. There is no power nor strength except with God.”

While the famous Sudanese poet, Madani Al-Nakhli, wrote on Facebook, “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. The polite artist praised her. For flowers, birds and beauty.”bb873ca303.jpg

I was born in white and studied at the National University

The late singer was born in El-Obeid, North Kordofan, and grew up there. She also received her basic and secondary education before moving to Omdurman National University to study economics and management, specializing in banking and insurance.

In one of the press interviews, Shaden revealed some details of her life and said, “My father is a retired officer in the Sudanese army, the signal weapon, the nature of his work, led us to move inside and outside the country. As for my dear mother, we learned from her the love of home and belonging to our roots, so we grew up connected to our people in the desert and the countryside. I am the eldest in the family. I love vacationing with my grandmothers, aunts and aunts in the desert, because I love the desert in an incredible way.”

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