New developments in the Hani Shaker crisis in Bahrain

New developments in the Hani Shaker crisis in Bahrain
New developments in the Hani Shaker crisis in Bahrain

The pioneers of social networking sites recently circulated a video clip of the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker In it, he reveals that he was swindled by the party’s contractor, who fled and did not pay him his dues, along with his band and the hotel as well.

And he said Hani Shaker In the video: “I really love you very much, I respect your presence with me today very much, despite the strange circumstances that happened to me and my band at this concert today, and the contractor’s escape, and his lack of commitment to pay us the band’s wages and my wages, but my presence with you is sweeter than my wages a million times.” According to (Cairo 24).

For his part, Mohamed Abdullah, the official spokesman for the Syndicate of Musical Professions and a member of the Board of Directors, revealed that the Syndicate supports the artist Hani Shaker After the crisis of his party in Bahrain, and his failure to obtain his financial rights from the contractor.

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Abdullah said: “The union contacted the professional authorities in Bahrain to find out the reasons for this matter, which harmed the artist.” Hani Shaker Financially and morally, stressing that the syndicate will be by side Hani Shaker and support it at all levels; until he gets all his rights.”

For its part, the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority affirmed its keenness to implement the regulations and laws with regard to organizing various tourism events, in a manner that preserves the rights of all participating parties.

This came in a statement issued by the authority, which was published by a number of Bahraini newspapers. Following what was circulated about the artist’s concert Hani Shaker the last there.

In the aforementioned statement, the authority confirmed that, as soon as this information was circulated, it began procedures to verify the merits and details of this issue, with the organizing party and the party hosting the event.

The authority stated its keenness to address everything that would harm the reputation of national tourism, and that it would not hesitate to take all measures, in a manner that preserves the commitment of all parties to the responsibilities required by the laws, regulations and contracts concluded in this aspect.