Rana Hariri breaks her silence after the news of her separation from Bassem Yakhour

Rana Hariri breaks her silence after the news of her separation from Bassem Yakhour
Rana Hariri breaks her silence after the news of her separation from Bassem Yakhour


Syrian writer Rana Hariri commented on what was reported during the past hours about her separation from her husband, artist Basem Yakhour, noting that it is a “personal” issue that no one has the right to know or care about.

And she stressed that she would not satisfy the curiosity of her followers, asking the media to address thorny and important issues that might change the lives of individuals instead of making her personal life “the center of their attention.”

Hariri wrote through the Al-Astori feature on her Instagram account: “Because I know that my private life has suddenly become a focus of attention. Allow me to shift your attention to the right and best place, to issues that are much more important than me, my life, and any person, to issues that you all need to talk about, because they really need your votes and your attention.” And for all possible media coverage.

And she asked not to make her life a “center of attention” for everyone, and to take care of everyone who suffers from health problems and does not have the ability to cover the costs of her treatment, the unemployed and those with limited income who are looking for a job, in addition to homeless children on the streets who do not have a home for them.

Hariri said that the victims of the war and the earthquake, and everyone who was injured or damaged in any way, and the high prices that are not commensurate with the income of the elderly and retirees, and orphans who lost their families, talking about them is more important than her personal life.

And she apologized to her audience because she would not satisfy their curiosity and reveal the truth of her separation: “Maybe we all have become using social media sometimes as an outlet, and I understand that following the lives of others is entertainment and entertainment for some, but I want to apologize because I will not satisfy your curiosity, my private life is mine, and I am lovingly sharing with you the following part I see it appropriate at the time I see fit.”

The Syrian writer thanked everyone who communicated with her and gave her advice and care, stressing that the issue of her marriage and separation will not change anyone’s life, but caring about other issues may change the lives of some for the better.

She concluded her message, saying: “I am fine, and my life will continue in any case, but there are people other than me who are not fine, and I need your support.”

Rana Hariri raises doubts about her separation from Bassem Yakhour

And there had been news in the past hours about the separation of the Syrian actor Bassem Yakhour from his wife, writer Rana Hariri, amid a state of shock among the public on the communication sites.

The name of Yakhour and Hariri issued the trend as soon as many pages interested in celebrities on “Social Media” announced this news, after monitoring the Syrian writer’s cancellation of her husband’s follow-up through her “Instagram” account.

Rana also deleted all the photos she collected with the Syrian actor, while the latter continues to follow them through his account, and he did not delete their photos.

The writer increased the followers’ doubts when she posted a message via the story on her Instagram account, after deleting the photos, and said: “Life does not get easier, you are the one who becomes stronger.”