Wafa Makki to her son: I want you to raise your head | news

Wafa Makki to her son: I want you to raise your head | news
Wafa Makki to her son: I want you to raise your head | news

The artist, Wafaa Makki, sent a touching message to her son behind the scenes of the “Al Wasat Al Fanny” program, before she was a guest in yesterday’s episode.

Wafaa Makki appeared, accompanied by her son Omar, and told him, “I want you to know that I do everything sweet for you and raise your head.. Do you love your mother or not?”

For his part, the journalist Ahmed Abdel Aziz said, “Be proud of your mother, and don’t let someone tell you something that she sang morally, not completely.. Mama is a big star and she felt bitterness, but she wanted to walk behind her innocence because no one bothers you.. I want you to kiss her hands every time you see her.”

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The eyewitness in the case broke his silence, and revealed, in an intervention with the “Sabaya Al Shams” program, presented by the media, Reham Saeed, the circumstances of the incident as he witnessed it, and the information he provided in the investigations, and he was in a state of complete collapse from remembering the experience he went through.

On the other hand, Wafaa Makki, during her hosting of the “Files” program presented by the media, Amira Badr, revealed that Mayar al-Beblawy threatened photojournalist Sayed Shaarawi with imprisonment if he announced that she had evidence of innocence, and she sent a letter to Mayar al-Beblawy admonishing her for hiding evidence of her innocence all those years.

The incident dates back to 2001, that is, 22 years ago, when Wafa Makki and her mother were accused of torturing two maids, and the beginning when the father, “Abdul Hamid,” was surprised by his daughter, “Marwa,” returning to the house in the village in a state of severe fatigue and with signs of torture, and she told him that she had been ironed with fire and beaten. At the hands of the artist, Wafaa Makki, and that her sister, Hanadi, was also subjected to the same torture, so that he would take her to the hospital and bring her sister, and file a report accusing Wafaa of torturing his 15-year-old daughter.

Because of the fall of a shell on her house, the death of the Sudanese artist, Shaden Hussein

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