The Iraqi blogger, Mansak, cries in her wedding ceremony, the moment her co-wife appears (video)

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homelandThe Iraqi blogger, Mansak Al-Mutairi, did not control herself when she saw her co-wife in front of her, while she was celebrating her wedding.

Her best friend’s husband!

Mensak’s eyes were filled with tears when she saw her rival in front of her, and she asked those present to wait for her to calm down and not cry.

The Iraqi celebrity admitted that she was affected when she saw her co-star, and commented: “Indeed, I was not able to see my co-star crying..I tell them moment by moment.”

Minsak sparked widespread controversy when she revealed that she had married her best friend’s husband.

“They did not have children”

Mansak confirmed that her friend called her while she was crying, asking her to marry her husband instead of him marrying another woman who might cause her to divorce him.

Mensak explained that her friend got married 5 years ago, but she did not have children, so the solution was for him to marry another.

Mensak stressed that her friend was crying and begging her to be the second wife, noting that she refused at first strongly.

And the Iraqi blogger continued: “She was calling me crying and saying, ‘I abhor you for my husband’s right..and I say companion, my group, since we were young, and by the way, she was with me in the ghabka and in everything. I am not the one who went to his meal or went to kidnap him in teams.'” .

“mock wedding”

At her wedding, Minsak was keen to hide the groom’s face.

The famous Iraqi woman appeared holding the groom’s veil, while she shone in an elegant dress.

Mensak appeared in another shot before wearing the wedding dress, talking about her “friend” and her devotion to her.

Mensak said that her co-wife preceded her to the beauty salon, despite her delay.

However, a large number of followers questioned the story of Mensak’s marriage in the first place, and accused her of fabricating the matter for the sake of trend and fame.

Mensak’s face distorted

In another context, Minsak was disfigured in her face due to filler injections, and she recounted her experience to warn the girls.

Mensak said that her face was swollen greatly due to the filler injections, indicating that she wanted to end the health crisis with a new plastic surgery to remove the filler.

Mensak explained that she cannot perform the operation, and that she must wait until the swelling subsides before the new operation.

The Iraqi blogger said: “I was waiting for a fire to do my operation, because I knew that it would respond… but now the time has become confused for me, I have to wait for them to finish the treatments and antibiotics for the face and other things.”

And she concluded: “Oh God, praise be to You. It may be good, and as I told you, I do not know anything about the face.”