The first comment from Bassem Yakhour’s wife on the news of their separation. Details

The first comment from Bassem Yakhour’s wife on the news of their separation. Details
The first comment from Bassem Yakhour’s wife on the news of their separation. Details

Writer Rana Hariri, the artist’s wife, Basem Yakhour, broke her silence after the widespread controversy over what was reported about her separation from her husband.

Rana Hariri said, through her account on the social networking site “Instagram” via the Al-Story feature: “Because I know that my private life has suddenly become a focus of attention .. Allow me to divert your attention to the right and best place for issues that are much more important than me, my life, and any person, to issues that you all must talk about because they are I really need your votes, your attention, and all possible media coverage.”

Rana Hariri added: “The issue of my marriage or separation will not change anything in the life of any of you, but you are able to make a change in the lives of many people who need you, and I am fine and my life will continue in any case, but there are many people other than me who are not fine and need your support.”

Rana Hariri

Rana Hariri and Bassem Yakhour

It was reported that the famous artist, Bassem Yakhour, had separated from his wife, Rana Hariri, and the latter increased suspicions by deleting the Syrian star from her personal account on the “Instagram” photo-sharing application.

Rana Hariri not only deleted her photos with Basem Yakhour, but also deleted his account from the list of people she follows from her personal account.

Rana Hariri deleted her photos with Bassem Yakhour and left only 3 or 4 old photos, which increased doubts about their separation. She also wrote a message via the short stories feature saying: “Life does not get easier, you are the one who becomes stronger.”

Rana Al-Hariri also published pictures through the feature of short stories, in which she wrote: “Life is not a condition that it be easy. Unfortunately, life is not easy for anyone, and surely every person can feel weak at many times, but if in life there is one person who supports you and loves you sincerely, a true friend or possible one.” From your family, you will come back to be strong and cohesive, and you will be able to overcome all the difficulties that you face.”

On the other hand, Sam Yakhour kept Rana Hariri’s friendship through his personal account on the “Instagram” photo-sharing application, and he also kept the photos that they collected.

Basem Yakhour and his wife Rana Hariri

Despite the frequency of news of the separation and the growing doubts about the matter, neither of the spouses has so far decided the matter conclusively, amid rumors that the separation actually occurred between the spouses some time ago.