I was surprised that she was married to socialite

The crisis between mahraganat performer Hassan Shakoush and his wife, Reem Tariq, reached the judiciary, where the investigative authorities today heard mahraganat singer Hassan Shakush against the backdrop of the crisis and the ongoing disputes between the two parties.

The suffocation of Hassan Shakoush and his wife

In the investigations, Hassan Shakoush denied his knowledge of his wife’s marriage to another person from one of the governorates of Upper Egypt earlier, saying: I was surprised that she was married to social media .. I was not aware of the precedent of her marriage to another person, according to the description of festivals singer Hassan Shakoush.

Hassan Shakoush and his wife

Sayings of Hassan Shakoush about his crisis with his wife, Reem Tariq

Hassan Shakoush indicated before the investigations that when he read the legal official in charge of writing the book, he said: Al-Bakr Al-Rashid did not object to that sentence, and I do not find any objection from her father or members of the Reem family.

In the investigations, he explained that he did not know whether or not the official in charge of the wedding ceremony, the mahraganat singer and Reem Tariq, was aware of her previous marriage to another person.

Hassan Shakoush and his wife

Festivals singer Hassan Shakoush also charged his wife, Reem Sadiq, and her father, Sadiq Al-Sayed, and his fame, Tariq Al-Sayed, with the accusation of forgery and concealing a basic condition of marriage, which is her marriage to another named A. K., from one of the governorates of Upper Egypt at an earlier time, and is not a rational virgin as they claimed, according to his description in the investigations.

Reem Tariq, the wife of the mahraganat singer, filed a report for her harm from her husband and her expulsion from the marital home a few days ago, the seizure of marital movables and their network, and the receipt of a trust in her favor as an alternative to the dowry.

And about the suffocation of Hassan Shakoush and his wife, Reem Tariq..the security services in Giza received a report through the October Police Department from Hassan Shakoush’s wife, and it was referred to the Public Prosecution Office, which undertook the investigation.

The Director of the General Department of Investigations received a notification from the Investigation Inspector, stating that Reem Tariq, 28 years old, a housewife and resident of a famous compound, attended the department because of her damage from her husband, Hassan Mansour, and his fame, “Hassan Shakush,” for expelling her from the marital home a few days ago, and seizing marital movables, their network, and a trust receipt. In her favor, a late substitute for dowry.

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