A man steals his wife’s kidney and sells it on the black market…and the reason is strange

I wrote – Alaa Nabil

In an incident stranger than fiction, a man stole his wife’s kidney and decided to sell it on the black market, without the wife’s knowledge of the matter, according to timesofindia.

The victim, named “Ran Jeet Kondo”, said that she learned of the theft of one of her kidneys when she felt excessive pain in her abdomen, which made her go to a specialist doctor, who requested that she perform some tests to discover the cause of what she felt, and the results of the tests showed that one of her kidneys was missing.

She stated that in 2018, her husband admitted her to a private hospital in Bhubaneswar, India, after she had kidney stones, and she was going to have an operation to remove them, but the husband sold her kidney without her consent on the black market, and the reason for her ignorance of the matter, because she underwent total anesthesia, and then left her. and her two children.

The husband abandoned his wife and children, under the pretext of work, but she learned that he had married another girl, and she and her children are now staying at her father’s house, searching for her right to what happened to her.

According to Indian news agencies, at the time the accident occurred, there was a quarrel between the spouses and issues related to the dowry, and that prompted the husband to steal and sell his wife’s kidney, to obtain the money that he believes is his right.

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