The return of Yazan Al-Asmar with “Similar to Aziz Al-Gazm” angers the audience (video) – Watan

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homeland- After a period of absence and grief over the loss of his best friend, “Yazan Al-Asmar” reappeared on Tik Tok with a person who very much resembled the late “Aziz Al-Ahmad”, and called him “Zizou”.

Yazan Al-Asmar returns with “Zizou” after the death of “Aziz Al-Qazm”

Yazan Al-Asmar is a celebrity on TikTok and Snapchat. He has been famous for years among his followers for publishing comic and satirical videos that he was publishing with his friend Aziz Al-Ahmad, known as “Aziz the Dwarf”, who died in January 2023 after suffering from illness.

After Aziz’s death, Yazan announced his retirement from social networking sites, and said that all his previous posts of comic and satirical clips, “will go with the brother whose mother did not give birth to him,” the late Aziz.

But this May, Yazan reappeared on TikTok with someone who looked like the late Aziz, and called him “Zizou.”

And in clip

In circulation, Yazan said that he hopes his audience will accept his return and that he hopes to plant a smile among them. Asking them to pray for the soul of Aziz with mercy and forgiveness.

In the first interaction between him and his new friend “Zizou”, Yazan appeared sitting on a sofa, before “Zizou” came to him, wearing a bisht and a white ghutra attached to his head with a headband.

In those moments, “Yazan” looks at him and rubs his eyes in awe of astonishment, as if he could hardly believe what his eyes saw, due to the great resemblance between him and his late friend, “Aziz.”

And he explained a circulating video clip, famous for the snap, “Yazan,” as he knelt on his knees, to be standing at the same level as “Zizou,” and he lifted his veil and headband from above his head, and puts his hands on his face.

Before the latter suddenly slapped him in the face, to reply, “Yazan,” by lifting him up and grabbing him by his clothes.

Meanwhile, Yazan’s appearance with Zizou sparked widespread controversy on the Internet, as opinions were divided between those who welcomed his return and those who accused him of exploitation and manipulation of feelings.

Controversy and criticism accompany the return of “Yazan”

Social media, especially the Snapchat application, witnessed widespread controversy after the famous blogger “Yazan” returned to publishing his videos on this platform, after an absence that lasted for months.

And Yazan had announced, in a video clip, that he had kept out of sight and social media in particular, after the death of his friend, “Aziz Al-Qazm”, on January 20, 2023, after suffering bitterly with illness.

Yazan’s return sparked mixed reactions among his supporters and opponents. On the one hand, there are those who welcomed his reappearance and praised the content of his videos, which emphasize his sense of humor and his desire to make many happy and draw a smile on their faces.

On the other hand, there are those who criticized his return and considered it an attempt to re-market himself and obtain fame and money, by taking advantage of the opportunity that his sudden return would create, as well as his choice of “another friend” to share his videos with similar features to the late Aziz.

The return of weighing Al-Asmar with the likeness of Aziz the dwarf

Here are some comments:

“Yazan Al-Asmar and the reward for trading in the disabled continues for his saying that he is similar to the deceased, may God have mercy on him.”

“The first time he died, he said that he would retire permanently. He missed a few months. He said Al-Awda. Mohsini Tash.

“It is difficult to live…. ! There is no power and no power except with God, for the degree of this world, its only concern is the content. Its owner has passed away and it is still continuing. May God give you an opportunity from this low content that you are presenting. Salvation, repent to God!!!”

“Al-Sanabi, whose name is Yazan Al-Asmar… The one who used to go out with the dwarf Aziz, may God have mercy on him.. He got someone who looked like Aziz, but an Egyptian.. The lack of views and the absence of fame and money, so it is time to return it.”

“Yazan Al-Asmar, do you have the good news that he returned to his content by exploiting another patient who looks like Aziz, may God have mercy on him?”

“The content of the opportunistic dealers… sympathetic to the new victim who is with him.”