Girl and drugs.. the full story of arresting festival performers in Sheikh Zayed

Girl and drugs.. the full story of arresting festival performers in Sheikh Zayed
Girl and drugs.. the full story of arresting festival performers in Sheikh Zayed

Festival performer Hussein Gandhi supported his colleague Sadat after he was arrested with a girl and in possession of narcotic drugs.

Gandhi published his picture with him on Facebook and wrote on it, “God willing, it will be good, my brother. I invite you, may God make it good.”

Sadat’s arrest.

The security services arrested Sadat, the festival performer, accompanied by a night girl and another person, in possession of narcotic substances, inside a villa in the Sheikh Zayed area, and a report was issued, and the prosecution took over the investigation.

The Director of the General Department of the Giza Investigation Department had received a second notification from the head of the Sheikh Zayed Investigation Department stating that Sadat, a performer of festivals, had been arrested in possession of an amount of narcotic drugs.

Investigations indicated that Sadat was accompanied by a woman and a drug dealer, who had 5 grams of ice in a chalet rented by the mahraganat singer, and the competent authorities began the investigation.

The Syndicate responds to the arrest of Sadat:

Dr. Mohamed Abdallah, spokesman for the Musicians Syndicate, commented on the crisis of Sadat, the famous mahraganat singer, after his arrest during the past hours.

A spokesman for the Musicians Syndicate said, in press statements, that the syndicate is not competent to comment on the Sadat crisis, because he does not hold membership in the syndicate or obtain a permit from it to sing.

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah confirmed in his statements that the arrested person does not have a membership or a permit to work..and the union has no invitation to him and the competent authorities are the ones investigating the matter.

And he went on to say, “No one wants the syndicate to interfere.. No, it only interferes with working and affiliated members, depending on the situation.. We only interfere in the professional aspect.”

Sadat and the festival film:

Sadat had previously participated in the festival’s film; And starring Amina Khalil.

The film deals with mahraganat songs that have spread in recent years, through the story of two performers of these songs (Alaa Fifty and Sadat), who live in a popular area and find themselves facing many challenges in order to prove themselves in the world of making mahraganat music.

Sadat also performed many mahraganat songs, which he became famous for during a short period.