After one year of marriage.. Basant Shawqi and Muhammad Farraj’s divorce caused a stir on the communication sites..and the latter commented in his own way!

The name of the artist is issued Mohamed Farrag And the artist Basant Shawky Trend across sites Social media This is due to the spread of news confirming their separation.

My practical response from “Farag” to his separation from Basant Shawqi

Muhammad Farraj responded to this news through his account on the photo and video site.InstagramHe published a set of photos that he had collected with his wife during their vacation in Dubai, through the Al-Astori feature. Basant appeared in the photos while eating breakfast on a distinguished view.

The artist, Bassant Shawky, also published on her personal page on the social networking site and pictures “Instagram”, pictures of her that she collected with her husband, artist Mohamed Farrag, and their friends, what the followers considered as a response from her to the widespread divorce news.

Bassant Shawky also denied her divorce from Mohamed Farrag in her own way, after Farrag published a poster and a video from his upcoming movie, “Voy Foy”, on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange site, for Basant to encourage him through comments, expressing her happiness with the success of his work.

A year ago, the duo, Mohamed Farrag and Bassant, celebrated their marriage, in May of last year 2022, and that was in a hotel overlooking the sea in the Sahl Hasheesh area of ​​Hurghada, and many artists close to them attended.

The news of the separation of Muhammad Farrag from his wife

A source close to Muhammad Farraj revealed the truth of this news, so he denied it completely, and said in press statements: “Faraj and Basant are spending a vacation in Dubai, and the dragon is like a good man, there is no need for this talk.”

He added: “Some pages on Social media They use the names of the artists in false news in order to blame the viewers.

The last appearance of the duo on the Ramez Jalal program

It should be noted that the last appearance of the duo together on screen was in Ramadan 2023 The past after they fell victim to Ramez Jalal’s future.

The artist, Mohamed Farrag, participated in the elapsed Ramadan race in the series “War”, starring Ahmed El-Sakka, Mohamed Farrag, Ahmed Saeed Abdel-Ghany, Engy El-Moqaddam, written by Hany Sarhan and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal.

The events of the series revolve around a member of one of the extremist terrorist groups called (Al-Zafer), who tries to carry out a number of terrorist operations in the city Egyptbut he is being pursued by the security services.

It is noteworthy that the artist Basant Shawky participated in the Ramadan drama in the series “A Legitimate Relationship” starring Yasser Jalal, Dalia Mustafa, Mai Omar, Basant Shawky, Murad Makram, written by Samah Hariri and directed by Khaled Marei.

Basant Shawqi also participated in the Nightmare series, and the series is considered the first original Arab production for the “Starz Play” platform, and the starring Rakin Saad, Kadi Al Qaisi, Abdullah bin Haider, and Saudi artist Saeed Saleh participated in the tournament, and it was filmed in more than one Arab country, under the supervision of a group of directors. .

Faraj is preparing to complete filming his series, Belly of the Whale, in the middle of this month, and it is scheduled to be shown in August on the Shahid platform.

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