A contractor discovered the remains.. How was the killer of the Damietta child found out 8 years after his disappearance?

There is no perfect crime.. It is a well-established fact for criminal investigation men, who work with certainty that no matter how long it takes, the perpetrator will be discovered, even if by chance, which is what happened in the murder of the child Muhammad al-Barbari, whose remains were found 8 years after his disappearance buried in a house Adjacent to his family’s house in Damietta Governorate.

The disappearance of a child 8 years ago

In 2015, the child Muhammad al-Barbari, who was 5 years old, went out to play in front of the house, but he suddenly disappeared, and efforts to search for him failed for many days, and the police did not find anything.

For 8 years, the fate of the absent child has not been reached, and two days ago the mother’s brother called her, asking her to come to the house next to her father’s house, which is a house under construction for years and its owners are outside the country.
Immediately, she went to the place, and found her son’s clothes inside a small skeleton, so the mother collapsed and lost consciousness.

Finding the remains of a Damietta child

A resident of the village of Kafr al-Arab, which is affiliated with Faraskour Center in Damietta Governorate, was surprised two days ago by the presence of a skeleton in an apartment on the third floor of a house under construction, bought by one of its owners residing outside the country.

And when he agreed with a contractor to finish the house, and during the work, the construction workers were surprised by the presence of the structure inside the apartment, buried in sand.


A force moved from the Faraskour police station to the Al-Balagh scene, and after asking the people and intensifying investigations, it was found that the perpetrator was Muhammad Reda Al-Qors, one of the victim’s neighbors and known for his homosexuality.

Confessions of the accused

The accused, known for his homosexuality, confessed to his crime before the Public Prosecution, stressing that he lured the child to practice homosexuality with him, and for fear of exposure, he smashed his head with a piece of wood and buried him in the property under construction.


He added that he did not intend to kill the child, but the victim’s distress prompted him to hold his breath, hit him with a piece of wood, and stab him with a white weapon “knife”, which took his life.
The Public Prosecution ordered the accused to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations, with a request to complete investigations into the incident.

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