Tamer Hosni cries over the song “Irgaili” at a huge party in Kuwait, after his separation from Basma Bousil

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May 14, 2023

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May 14, 2023

via Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni expressed his happiness after his concert in Kuwait, and also praised the audience’s interaction with him.

The audience noticed that he was very affected while singing the song Get Back to Me, which made some people think that he was sad after his separation from Basma Bousil.

Tamer wrote, commenting on the video that he posted on his Instagram account: This is a summary for you from the Kuwait concert, for those who do not know how to see anything from it, but I will write about the moment that came back to me with the great Kuwaiti fans.

Tamer Hosni added about his influence while singing the song “Return to Me”:

Sometimes the artist gets affected and reaches a moment of merging, sincerity and unity with the song, which makes him affected and weakened from within to a degree that no one can imagine, and this is against him, of course, since he is a human being. His player to get up and complete.. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kuwait’s classy fans.

Tamer Hosni performed a huge concert in the second concert of the Kuwait Summer Festival, where he performed an exceptional party that was held the day before yesterday, Friday, at the Arena Theater, with the participation of the Kuwaiti Miami band.

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