I don’t need Hollywood anymore

I don’t need Hollywood anymore
I don’t need Hollywood anymore

Johnny Depp (Reuters)

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Published in: May 17, 2023: 05:01 PM GST
Last updated: May 17, 2023: 06:28 PM GST

In a sarcastic tone, which contains features of revenge for what he suffered over the past years from marginalization, as a result of what he described as false allegations, the world famous actor Johnny Depp confirmed that he no longer needs Hollywood.

And he said, a day after the premiere of his first film in three years, at the Cannes Film Festival, today, Wednesday, in response to questions from reporters, about whether he felt interrupted: Did I feel that Hollywood interrupted me? You have to be dead to feel otherwise.”

He also added, in a rare appearance to take questions from reporters after the opening night of his movie “Gian de Barry” in which he plays King Louis XV, “When he asks you to step down from a movie because of allegations, hollow words in the air, yes you feel boycotted.” “

In addition, he confirmed that what was written against him was, in large part, “a terrible form of imagination.”


And he added, “There are people who want to believe whatever they like, but the truth does not change. During the past five or six years, most of what you have read was a terrible form of fiction.”

When asked about the truth of his feelings in recent years, he considered that what happened to him was like a “bad joke.” He ridiculed the phrase “return” used by the media to describe his resumption of his cinematic activity. “It looks like I have 17 comebacks so far… I haven’t gone anywhere,” he said.

He also expressed “great pride” in his participation in the movie “Gian de Barry”, considering that director Maywen was “very bold because she chose a man from the US state of Kentucky to embody the character of Louis XV,” praising her “patience” with him during filming.

Johnny Depp (Reuters)

Expelled because of his ex-wife

Depp was excluded from filming new films by Hollywood production companies, following the trial during which he faced his ex-wife, Amber Hurd, on charges of domestic violence.

He was asked to step down from the “Fantastic Beasts” series of films derived from the world of “Harry Potter”.

But the famous 59-year-old man returned strongly to the world of cinema through his wide door on Tuesday, as he passed the red carpet with the team that opened the activities of the seventy-sixth film festival.

Depp received a warm welcome among a group of big stars such as Uma Thurman, Michael Douglas and Catherine Deneuve, during the opening of the festival, despite criticism from feminist parties for this attention given to a person who was the subject of a lawsuit for domestic violence.

While the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star relived the rites of passage on the red carpet, took a series of selfies and signed gifts for those present, before attending the opening ceremony.

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