A series about the life of Hussein Riad.. An unfulfilled wish of the late artist Ibrahim Nasr

A series about the life of Hussein Riad.. An unfulfilled wish of the late artist Ibrahim Nasr
A series about the life of Hussein Riad.. An unfulfilled wish of the late artist Ibrahim Nasr

Written by Fouad

Friday, May 12, 2023 09:00 AM

Today marks the anniversary of the death of the great artist Ibrahim Nasr, who left our world before he fulfilled many dreams and wishes that fate did not allow him to achieve, the most prominent of which is the embodiment of the personality of the late great artist Hussein Riad in a major TV series through which he tells the story of his personal and artistic life, so he saw Hussein Riyad is one of the best artists who embodied the character of the caring father in Egyptian cinema, in addition to having a special charisma that made him sit on the throne of cinema with his multiple roles..

And Ibrahim Nasr intended – before his death – to return to presenting the “Hidden Camera” program again after an absence that lasted several years, far from degradation and contrived pranks.

The artist, Ibrahim Nasr, revealed, in an interview before his death, that the most difficult situations he went through during the 17 years in which he was presenting the “Hidden Camera” program, when one of the butchers detained him inside the refrigerator after the program’s crew and the director fled with them, and he continued: “Some of the audience was revealing my personality.” In the beginning, despite my light makeup, which prompted me to make a complete mask for the character of Zakia Zakaria“.

Before his death, Ibrahim Nasr expressed his opinion on the prank programs and said that it was difficult for him to say his opinion, saying: “It is difficult for me that Aloy Daraa is a colleague of mine,” explaining that the audience wants to watch beautiful art and does not want what is currently being shown of pranks, stressing that there are programs that made children They suffer from schizophrenia, diseases and mental retardation.

Ibrahim Nasr died at the age of 70, on May 12, 2020. He was born in the Shubra neighborhood of Cairo in 1946. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Arts in 1972, and won a number of awards and medals as a result of his participation in the university’s acting team. He started his life By imitating the stars, and after that he worked during his career in a large number of supporting roles between theater, cinema and television, but his greatest fame was through the program (The Hidden Camera), which he used to present during the month of Ramadan for several years, achieving resounding success..

The late great artist Ibrahim Nasr had a long history with hidden camera programmes, as he became one of its most important pioneers for more than two decades. His name is the most prominent and important one associated with the hidden camera.