The first comment from Ghada Wali, the graphic designer, on her accusation of plagiarizing the works of a Russian artist

Wednesday 17/May/2023 – 04:39 PM

Actress Ghada Wali broke her silence about the accusations leveled at her by a Russian artist regarding her new designs for a carbonated water company’s campaign.

Ghada said, in a press statement to her, that the allegations of the Russian artist have no basis in truth, and are completely false, and that her designs for the campaign are original and have no connection to his drawings, explaining that he was slandered by accusing her without clarifying proof or referring to his drawings that he claims are taken from them. .

In her statement, Wali said: The idea of ​​the designs is to document the chronology of the graphic development of the Egyptian visual culture, and each packaging depicts a different era and an illustrative technique that represents both the Egyptian character and the brand, noting that the campaign is divided into 4 main designs, the first is the Pharaonic packaging and the time period is Egypt. The ancient, and the second is the Egyptian farming packaging, which represents the Egyptian countryside, next to the cat packaging, and the time period here is modern Egypt, and the last of which is the artistic packaging, and it represents Egypt in the millennium.

Ghada Wali responds to the Russian artist

Ghada Wali also added that the Russian artist seeks to gain fame at her expense by falsely accusing her from time to time of stealing his paintings without explaining any proof, and that he took advantage of her reservation of silence and not responding to his previous accusations regarding subway wall designs, which are followed by social media trends, to decide after Several months after the incident, he repeated the ball again, this time accusing her of copying his paintings in their designs for the most famous carbonated water companies in the world.


Ghada Wali is an Egyptian graphic designer. She graduated from the Graphic Design Department at the German University in Cairo. She obtained a master’s degree in graphic design from the European Institute of Design in Italy. She also taught as an assistant teacher of graphics at the American University.

She is the first Egyptian designer to join the Forbes global list of the best thirty artists under the age of thirty. Her latest artwork won the Granshan competition in Munich, as well as two awards for achievement in Adobe design. The Typographic Art Association in Chicago ranked her among the best hundred graphic designers in the world.