In pictures, a rare case… a young Brazilian woman suffers from the continued growth of her head!

In a very rare injury, a 29-year-old Brazilian woman suffers from doubling in the size of her head, a condition that kills up to half of those infected before they reach the age of three.
Grazielli Alves Regis was bedridden and unable to speak for years and recently lost her sight due to the growth of her head.
Her ordeal began before she was even born, when she developed hydrocephalus, an abnormal buildup of fluid around the brain.
The resulting pressure can damage internal tissues and distort the shape of the skull. It can also be fatal if the pressure damages parts of the brain responsible for keeping the heart and lungs functioning.
Regis’s mother provides constant care for her daughter, assuring that she is ready to give her love for many years to come.
The mother said she first knew something was wrong when she was eight months pregnant and experienced severe pain in her uterus.
An ultrasound scan by doctors revealed that her unborn daughter suffers from hydrocephalus, which affects about one in every 500 babies.
Doctors estimated that her baby girl would only live for three months, given the size of the case.
Upon her birth, she was dubbed the “giant baby” due to the size of her head, which has grown larger over the years.
If left untreated, hydrocephalus kills about 50 percent of children before the age of three, with only one in five surviving to adulthood.