She angered Nasser and deceived Sadat, and this is what she did with Mubarak. How did Warda the Algerian anger the presidents of Egypt?

Warda Al Jazairia.. Today marks the anniversary of her 11th death, a resonant name in the world of singing and singing. The years of her life were full of difficulties and problems, but they were also full of successes. The late President Gamal Abdel Nasser prevented her from entering Egypt, then marriage and retirement, and then divorce and return, before she Sadat allowed her to enter Egypt again, and politicians had an important role in the life of the great singer, so that the Algerian president caused her divorce from her husband.

Warda Al-Jazairia, whose real name was Warda Fatouki, was born in 1939 in France to a Lebanese mother and an Algerian father. She began her artistic life as a singer on French radio directed to the Arabs of North Africa. She also sang in a nightclub owned by her father in France, and she performed songs by Umm Kulthum, Abdel Wahhab and Abdel Halim.

Algerian Warda songs

When she was seventeen, she traveled to Lebanon and sang there. She met director Helmy Rafla, who offered her the starring role in the movie “Almaz and Abdou Al-Hamouli.” She came to Egypt to shoot the movie and sang the song “Ask the Tears of His Eyes” and “My Soul and Your Spirit.” Abdel Nasser admired her voice and asked to add a paragraph to her in an operetta. “My Greatest Country”.

Her voice was described by the artist, Ammar Al-Sharie’i, as being of the strong and precious metallic material that is attributed to the generation of Asmahan and Laila Murad. Singing for her is life.

Rose in her youth

The voice of Warda Al Jazairia coincided with the great success with the beginning of the revolutionary tide period, helped by Egyptian authors, composers and directors who believed in her talent, such as Al Mouji and Makkawi, who presented it in the song “My Times Are Sweet”, so it was a new birth for Warda. In Egypt, he composed her song “The Game of Days”, which was a strong beginning for her.

Warda Al Jazairia’s last work was the album “Who Was Lost of My Life”, which she released months before her death in 2011.

Algerian rose

Some writers and artists announced their intention to present a TV series that tells the life story of Warda Al-Jazaeryia, such as writer Mahmoud Maarouf, who began writing a series about her story. Composer Salah Al-Sharnoubi also announced his intention to present a series about her life, stressing that he had obtained prior approval from her.

However, Riyad, the son of the late artist, confirmed in his statements that he and all a number of lawyers to send urgent warnings to everyone who announces his plan to produce and present a series about the late artist Warda Al Jazairia.

Warda faced many difficulties during the era of former presidents, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mohamed Anwar Sadat, and Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

Where a number of stories were circulated around her confirming her relationship with Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer, which made some accuse her of being one of the reasons for the setback of 67 due to the large number of parties that the Field Marshal was calling for.

Rumors with Field Marshal Amer

The story that dates back to the early sixties, during the period of unity between Egypt and Syria, when the field marshal was returning to Damascus after a trip to the Bloudan resort on the way. Warda was on her way to Damascus, but her car broke down, so the marshal ordered the lady to be taken to the place she wanted.

After the situation, the artist insisted on meeting the Field Marshal to thank him for his position. Indeed, she went to his resting place in the Abu Rummaneh area in Damascus, where the meeting was in broad daylight and in the presence of the late President Anwar Sadat, Major General Ahmed Alawi, and Abdel Hamid Al-Sarraj, but a confidential report about this interview reached the office of the President. Abdel Nasser, and rumors spread at the time that there was a relationship between Warda and the Marshal, and the rumors intensified because Warda herself seized the opportunity and tried to use it to her advantage after she came to Cairo and began to delude those around her that she had a relationship with the Marshal, and that she was contacting him by phone as she was at the beginning of her artistic career and was hoping to get close to the people of art Including a desire to get closer to the Marshal.

disagreement with Sadat

When she participated in a public ceremony broadcast on the air in Libya after the declaration of the Union of Arab Republics between Syria, Libya and Egypt, she sang a song in the name of the Libyan President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi at the ceremony. It was her bad luck that this period was witnessing severe differences between Sadat and Gaddafi, so Anwar Sadat became angry and prevented the broadcast of her songs on the radio. And television, with no participation in public and official concerts.

The story of a rose with Mubarak

She was chosen to perform an artistic party attended by former President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, his wife Susan Mubarak, and a group of statesmen and politicians. The president, and Warda made matters worse by asking the audience to want the words behind her, saying (the president tells you to applaud), which embarrassed the president and his wife.

Only six films

She presented to the cinema only six films, including: “Ah, Ya Lail, Ya Zaman” with Rushdi Abaza, in which she sang Layalina and Haneen, Lail Ya Layali, “Princess of the Arabs” and “My Story with Time”, as well as with Hassan Youssef in the movie “The Voice of Love”, which is the first Her films after her return from Algeria, and she sang in it the black eyes, the song of Mali, the song Impossible, They bought me and Farhana, and she left in 2012.

Warda Algerian and Baligh Hamdi

The love story that brought together the artist Warda Al-Jazairi and the great composer Baligh Hamdi is one of the most famous love stories in the artistic community, and her love story culminated in marriage in 1972. Warda began a life journey with Baligh that lasted for 6 years and ended in divorce. During their marriage, Baligh presented Warda with the most beautiful things. She sang, and his melodies are the true history of the artist, Warda.

The end of Warda’s Algerian career

In 1998, the artist, Warda Al-Jazairia, underwent a liver transplant, and the liver of one of the deceased people was transferred to her, which sparked controversy at the time about the permissibility of transferring organs between the deceased and the living, but she died of heart disease.

Warda died in her home in Cairo on May 17, 2012, due to a heart attack, and was buried in Algeria. She arrived in a military plane at the request of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. She was received by many political and artistic figures to be buried in the family cemetery in the capital.

A sonorous voice and a big heart

The musician Baligh Hamdi said about her: “Her voice is one of the closest to his heart, and the most capable of communicating what he wants to the audience.

Helmy Bakr said: She was distinguished by a resonant voice that the mind always remembers, and she was characterized by delicacy in dealing and simplicity, and she was happy when she met any talented person, and helped train him, and she is a student of Muhammad Abdel Wahhab, and subject to Baligh Hamdi, who married her after?.

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