The first meeting of the World Health Organization without Corona restrictions

Tomorrow, the World Health Organization meets, for the first time in three years, without the restrictions of Corona (Covid 19).
After the end of the pandemic, unequal health care, and with it the many shortcomings in poor countries, will be the focus of the annual conference of the World Health Organization.

Global health without corona restrictions

The organization’s 194 member states are discussing how to secure the basic needs of about eight billion people in the world.

These countries also approve the budget for the fiscal year 2024/2025, for which mandatory contributions are set to be significantly increased.

To date, WHO has relied on the voluntary contributions of its members for many tasks.


Shortly before the annual meeting, the World Health Organization announced the cancellation of the alert for the Corona epidemic (Covid 19) and the outbreak of monkeypox disease around the world.
It also declared that the highest alert level imposed in both cases, the international health emergency, had ended.
However, health experts warn that viruses continue to circulate and can mutate and create new threats, and therefore warrant monitoring.
WHO countries are also negotiating a pandemic treaty.
This treaty assures that the world will better fortify itself against future epidemics.
Among other things, the treaty will stipulate that outbreaks must be contained more quickly, and that preventive materials, vaccines and medicines must be distributed more equitably.
However, the draft agreement will not be submitted until 2024.

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