Nurses: The health sector tops the leadership’s priorities

Nurses: The health sector tops the leadership’s priorities
Nurses: The health sector tops the leadership’s priorities

A number of nurses confirmed that the health sector tops the priorities of the wise leadership, which has made the UAE a regional and international leader in the field of health care.

Dr. Aisha Al Mahri, CEO of Nursing Department at Burjeel Holding Group, said:

In the UAE, we see the progress that the nursing sector is currently witnessing and the introduction of artificial intelligence and automation of medical data, under the generous patronage of the wise leadership.

Foundation stone

Khadija Hassan Al-Amsi, Director of the Nursing Quality Department, “a member of the Nafis Youth Council,” said: “The nursing profession is a sublime humanitarian profession that contributes to saving lives, and in our beloved country, the health sector in general and nursing in particular are among the most important priorities of the wise leadership, as the nursing sector has received great support.” In terms of scholarships and training, with monthly rewards from Nafis.

This contributes to refining their expertise and upgrading it to international levels in accordance with the aspirations of the wise leadership, and all of this helps to improve the health medical sector in the country, given that nursing is the cornerstone of any health system, and this is what distinguishes the UAE from others, which is human competencies.

Women’s Empowerment

Elsa Maimon, Deputy Executive Director of Nursing, at an Abu Dhabi hospital, expressed her pride in working as a nurse in the UAE for many years, which helped her refine her experience and gain a lot of knowledge that enriched her professional experience. She explained that the nurses in the UAE came from different cultures, skills and knowledge, which is considered an addition to health care, and this helps ensure that patients receive the best possible care.