No, the pandemic is not over.. a new mutant from Corona frightens the world!

No, the pandemic is not over.. a new mutant from Corona frightens the world!
No, the pandemic is not over.. a new mutant from Corona frightens the world!

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Elaf from Beirut: The emergence of a new mutant of the emerging Corona virus, raised the world’s fears, after it spread rapidly in the United States and Britain during the past days, accounting for nearly 9 percent of the number of recorded infections in the epidemic.

According to a report published by Sky News Arabia, the spread of “BA.4.6”, one of the main parameters of “Omicron”, was confirmed, without knowing how it appeared so far, according to the “Science Alert” website, which specializes in scientific news. The latest report on Corona mutant, issued by the Health Security Agency in the United Kingdom, indicated that during the week that began on August 14, the new mutant “BA.4.6”, accounted for about 3.3 percent of infections in the United Kingdom, so that the percentage began to increase to form currently. About 9 percent of recorded cases.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “BA.4.6” now represents more than 9 percent of recent cases recorded across the United States, and the mutator has also been monitored in many other countries around the world.

What is the?

BA.4.6 is a new version of the BA.4 mutant, which is originally from Omicron.

The Sky News Arabia report says: “Although BA.4 was first discovered in January of this year in South Africa and has since spread around the world along with the BA.5 variant, it is not entirely clear how the new mutant emerged. But it could be a mixed mutant, according to scientific studies.

In an interview with the same site, Dr. Dirar Balawi, a consultant in clinical drug treatment for infectious diseases, said that 70 percent of the infections spread around the world with the Corona mutant are of the “PA4” and “PA5” types, but before a while the “B” mutant started A4.6″ is emerging, but its spread is not so great so far, and the percentage of the mutants that spread in a particular country is still somewhat low.

Justified fear?

The fear of the new mutant comes, according to Balawi, because it contains two mutations different from “PA5”, present in its spinal protein, and these two mutations were made to avoid the antibodies that the body naturally produced after receiving vaccines, or with laboratory-made antibodies and were not effective for this. mutated. Balawi pointed out that out of the 16 drugs that were studied, it was confirmed that only one drug was able to actually be against this mutator.

A study has previously shown that the antibodies in EvoShield, the only treatment available to protect people with compromised immune function against Covid-19, may lose potency against the BA.4.6 sub-strain.

And the University of Oxford stated that people who received three doses of the Pfizer vaccine produce fewer antibodies in response to “BA.4.6”, compared to “BA.4”, or “BA.5”, and this is a concern, as this indicates that corona vaccines It may be less effective against the new mutant.

The most prominent symptoms of the new mutant

The Sky News Arabia report says: “Concerning the most common symptoms of this mutant, Balawi explained, they are similar to those with the Omicron mutant, as the vast majority of infections are in the upper respiratory tract and rarely in the lower respiratory tract, considering this a positive matter so that the health status of patients does not deteriorate. Or they need to go into intensive care.”

Notable symptoms of the new mutant include a runny nose, muscle aches, teary eyes, coughing, fever, runny nose, sneezing, and headache.

The clinical drug treatment consultant for infectious diseases stressed that the spread of the new corona mutation requires that eyes remain open to it to know the extent of its spread through genetic sequence analyzes, in anticipation of its further spread, which calls for raising the degree of alert against it to become a “worrying mutation.”

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