Why does a stuffy nose happen after a cold or corona?

Why does a stuffy nose happen after a cold or corona?
Why does a stuffy nose happen after a cold or corona?

The British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that feeling stuffy nose in the days after a cold or any respiratory infection, including corona, is a common experience..

This happens because viruses that infect the respiratory system cause inflammation in the mucous membrane, which lines the nose and sinuses, as its presence stimulates immune cells to accumulate there, and this inflammation takes time to disappear, and there may also be a blockage remaining in the Eustachian tubes – tubes Which works to ventilate the middle ear, to the back of the nose, and helps equalize pressure with the outside world.

Mucus can also make its way from the back of the nose into these tubes, blocking them and causing a feeling of deafness, the newspaper said, adding that although this usually resolves within days (the mucus will come out of the back of the nose on its own), That this is not always the case.

The newspaper pointed out that the simplest solution is to use a decongestant nasal spray, which reduces inflammation in the nasal passages by shrinking blood vessels, after using it, pinch your nose and blow forcefully with your mouth closed to raise the pressure in the eustachian tubes, this would help to expel mucus..

The article is in Arabic

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