Observatory observers: They are keen to perform the national duty and evaluate the electoral process

Observatory observers: They are keen to perform the national duty and evaluate the electoral process
Observatory observers: They are keen to perform the national duty and evaluate the electoral process

They praised the smooth procedures and the cooperation of the polling committees

Observers of the Al-Marsad Society for Human Rights praised the parliamentary and municipal elections for the smoothness and flow of the electoral process, the cooperation of the Supreme Committee to supervise the integrity of the elections, and the heads and members of the polling and counting committees through effective communication to facilitate the tasks of national oversight.

The volunteer observers considered their participation a gain that enhances national affiliation, in addition to being a fruitful experience that added a lot to their political and legal knowledge, as they recorded a distinguished presence by being present in all public and secondary polling stations, and monitoring, documenting, observing and evaluating all stages of the electoral process before opening the polling stations until the announcement of the results. In the first and second rounds.

In addition, observer Hawra Al-Sabbagh, who was present at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center dedicated to voting for people infected with the Corona virus, confirmed that what prompted her to participate in the electoral monitoring process in this center in particular and not to hesitate and fear was her eagerness to perform the national and humanitarian duty in order to contribute to the success of The electoral wedding, based on her previous experiences as a medical cadre in dealing with patients infected with the Corona virus.

Al-Sabbagh praised the series of medical measures and precautions that were taken to ensure the smooth conduct of the electoral process in light of the exceptional circumstances in the polling station, and to enable citizens infected with the Corona virus to perform their democratic right in a smooth atmosphere without the presence of any problems affecting the polling process, which confirms the efforts. The head and members of the polling and counting committee, as well as cooperation through continuous communication to conduct national oversight tasks.

In the same context, observer Abdullah Al-Shorouki, who was present at a polling station in Muharraq Governorate, described the experience of monitoring the electoral process as “extraordinary”, given the importance of the oversight role that allows the observer to mingle with candidates, voters, heads and members of committees, noting that it is not the first time that he has taken the initiative. To volunteer, stressing his full keenness to repeat the experience in terms of fulfilling the national duty.

Al-Shorouki pointed out that there are limited challenges and difficulties for the observers, given the great efforts and cooperation of the members of the supervisory committees and the heads and members of the polling and counting committees in facilitating the monitoring tasks in a professional manner, as the committee chairpersons were keen to follow up and interact personally with the observers in the conduct of their work.

In turn, the observer, Fathia Hasan Kazem, who practiced the oversight mission for the first time, considered the experience rich through which she gained many experiences and skills in the course of the electoral process and human rights principles, through her exercise of the oversight role in different polling committees in different periods, pointing out that she did not face any significant difficulties during the first two rounds. The second, thanks to the cooperation witnessed by the heads and members of the polling and counting committees. Fathia indicated that the heads and members of the committees dealt efficiently and professionally with the administrative violations that were monitored through direct guidance and taking the necessary measures.

It is worth noting that the Al-Marsad Society for Human Rights has received more than 270 requests to volunteer and participate in monitoring elections from both sexes, and has formed various work teams related to the tasks of electoral awareness, training of observers, preparation of forms and reports, and monitoring and documenting all stages of the electoral process, in a way that ultimately allows Submit a scientific report that includes findings and recommendations for the development of legislation and procedures.

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