High blood pressure: 5 complications that can happen to you when you neglect treatment

High blood pressure: 5 complications that can happen to you when you neglect treatment
High blood pressure: 5 complications that can happen to you when you neglect treatment

hypertension It is one of the most common diseases: it is called arterial hypertension (HTA). The disease is characterized by excessively high blood pressure and has severe consequences when left untreated. It is very common that the disease corresponds to an abnormally high blood pressure on the walls of the arteries. And when it is not controlled or treated in time, it can significantly increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction or stroke.
Dr. Louis Bendien, a well-known cardiologist on “Tick Coke” presented the five complications that can occur if left hypertension Without treatment:

Heart complications

When left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to heart complications including “thickening of the heart, which can lead to heart failure,” says Dr. Benadian.
That’s not all: angina pectoris, heart attacks or even arterial aneurysms, which are characterized as a reminder by an enlargement of the diameter of the arteries; All are also signs that should alert you.
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Bleeding complications

High blood pressure may lead to a heart attack

Another complication mentioned by the doctor: hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident (CVA), which is “always very serious” and can lead to bleeding in the brain.

Complications of ophthalmology

According to Dr. Bendian, high blood pressure can damage the retina. “It can lead to a decrease in visual acuity and sometimes even to complete blindness,” explains the doctor.

Complications related to renal failure

Kidney failure can also be a complication of high blood pressure. For Dr. Benedian, it could go as far as dialysis (a medical technique that makes it possible to alleviate some of the malfunctions in the kidneys).
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Cerebrovascular complications other than stroke

According to the doctor, the hypertensive patient, who neglects treatment, can also suffer from complications other than stroke, which generally lead to the emergence of “vascular dementia”; It is characterized by a loss of cognitive function due to the destruction of brain tissue due to reduced or obstructed blood supply.
In the long term, the complications of untreated high blood pressure can be severe. This is why it is recommended to measure your blood pressure regularly. If you experience any of these complications, it is recommended to consult a cardiologist.

It should be noted that high blood pressure may come silently without any symptoms.

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