Is urinating standing up harmful? facts that will shock you

Is urinating standing up harmful? facts that will shock you
Is urinating standing up harmful? facts that will shock you

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Sitting is the best way to urinate; This position helps men to empty the bladder completely. Especially for those with health conditions related to the urinary tract, as it is a suitable position for women according to their physical composition.

What are the disadvantages of urinating standing up?

Urination while standing may cause several harms, whether for females or males, including the following:

Inability to get rid of all urine

This may increase the possibility of getting a urinary tract infection, or suffering from stones.

Cause pelvic muscles to tighten and contract

Which causes pressure on the external opening of the urethra; Thus, it reduces its flow rate.

Urine getting into clothes or legs

This is due to a decrease in the ability to control the flow of urine while standing.

Increased risk of falling while urinating standing up

This condition is often observed in the elderly, and is accompanied by contractions of the uterine muscles and receding urine.

Negatively affecting the normality of the urination process

Standing to urinate does not support or stabilize the feet, and also limits the activity of the muscles that drive urine.

Useful tips when using the toilet

Sitting on the toilet provides a comfortable urination position, as the muscles around the bladder are prepared to completely empty the urine present. In this regard, it is recommended to observe the following advice:

Going to the bathroom whenever necessary to urinate

It is recommended to maintain a normal frequency of urination; Which is estimated once every 3-4 hours.

Avoid holding your breath or tightening your abdominal muscles while urinating

Because doing this every day can impair the capacity of your bladder.

Putting a chair under the feet while sitting on the toilet

This position makes the knees higher than the pelvis, which provides more comfort during urination.

Taking enough time to complete the urination process

As the bladder does not empty completely when it is urgent, and this increases the possibility of infection.

Double emptying of the bladder

It is stimulated by tilting the body forward a little when sitting on the toilet, while moving from side to side.

Ensure that all urine is emptied

It may help to wait 10 seconds after the first time to urinate, and then start urinating again.

What are the risks of urinating standing up when taking a shower?

The main objective of showering is to keep the body clean, and given that urine is not completely sterile or pure, it may contain many types of bacteria, especially in the case of urinary tract infection, and thus the infection may spread in some cases to other parts of the body when urinating Standing while showering.

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