Ahmed Al-Sanhoury.. an Egyptian who discovered a cure for rare heart diseases

Ahmed Al-Sanhoury.. an Egyptian who discovered a cure for rare heart diseases
Ahmed Al-Sanhoury.. an Egyptian who discovered a cure for rare heart diseases

The German University in Cairo celebrated the young Ahmed El-Sanhoury, as one of the distinguished graduates of the University’s Faculty of Pharmacy in 2012, then a teaching assistant for a year in the Department of Pharmacology.

Dr. Al-Masry’s dream was to travel and complete his studies, which was crowned with success when he joined the Medical Faculty of Berlin Charité, which is one of the largest and most famous university hospitals in Europe.

Turning adversity into a gift

The 32-year-old told Sky News Arabia: “The beginning was when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer years ago. The pain was very severe, and I had to work hard and strive to turn that ordeal into a gift, and to be a reason to relieve the patients’ pain.”

“All my concern over the past years was the treatment protocols for viral myocarditis, and I researched this a lot until I was able to create a number of them, in addition to designing clinical trials for them,” he explains.

He continues: “My research has been published in a large number of international scientific journals, and I have given a large number of lectures on new treatment methods, as cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death around the world.”

travel trip to germany

Al-Masry tells about the scenes of his trip to Germany, saying: “I was a student at the German University and then a teaching assistant for a year, until the dean of the college at that period, Ashraf Abadi, decided to travel to complete my studies in Germany, and after a large number of tests I was able to travel, so the matter was not It was absolutely easy, it was a big dream of mine and when it came true it gave me a boost.”

  • He was able to obtain a master’s degree with distinction in the treatment of viral myocarditis associated with a deadly parvovirus infection, using the drug telbivudine, from the University of Berlin Medical School.
  • He received his doctorate from the same university in the first hybrid dissertation that blended clinical trials and laboratory research together.
  • His research participated in the development of the guidelines for the treatment of cardiomyopathy that are published by the European Society of Cardiology every year.
  • He is currently working as a researcher in the treatment of heart muscle diseases, by designing and implementing clinical trials, and is on his way to obtaining a professorship in this field.
  • Last August, he gave a lecture at the annual conference of the European Medical Association in Barcelona, ​​in the presence of a large number of scientists around the world.
  • “My biggest dream is that my work is not just a role I play to get the money that helps me in life, but to be a reason to reduce the pain of patients, and to be effective in people’s lives, so reducing the burden on the patient is a very beautiful feeling,” according to Al-Sanhouri.

Italy imitates him

The young man points out that “at the beginning of the Corona period, he had treatment protocols for people with some heart diseases in case they contracted corona, and these protocols were supported by a large number of Italian hospitals, and they used them as treatment protocols that are being implemented.”

He adds, “My work is focused on treating rare heart diseases, for which there is no cure throughout history. I also work on a treatment for hardening of the heart muscle, and I succeeded in obtaining a research grant from Pfizer.”

Regarding the family’s support and support for him, Al-Sanhouri affirms: “They are the basis of every success. My family helped me and stood next to me strongly. My mother endured a lot in order to be successful, and she supported me to continue to progress until I died, along with my grandfather who saw in me since childhood success and excellence. Without my family. I wouldn’t get here.”

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