I met father after years. The first thing he did was ask for a million dollars

I met father after years. The first thing he did was ask for a million dollars
I met father after years. The first thing he did was ask for a million dollars

The American rapper Logic told about his father, who returned to his life after years of abandonment and disconnection – and did not waste time with excessive financial requests. It didn’t work so well for him: “I told him, don’t ask me for money, can we just play passes?”

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| Published 05/18/23 13:48

Logic: “I told him, stop asking me for money. Can we play passes instead?” | Photo: Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

With the success, fame, and money, many celebrities come across people who come back to their lives unexpectedly, trying to earn something at their expense. Sometimes that person is the father who left you. This is what happened toLogic, the American rapper, who talked about his complicated relationship with his father on comedian Andy Santino’s Whiskey Ginger podcast. Logic spoke openly about the father he hadn’t spoken to in years and suddenly reappeared in his life with slightly excessive demands.

“We haven’t spoken in forever, and then I brought him back into my life. The last time we spoke, he asked me for a million dollars,” said the rapper, whose worth is estimated at about 14 million dollars, in an interview. “And you gave them to him?”, replied the interviewer. “Fuck, of course not”, the rapper hastened to answer. “I told him: ‘What do you need a million dollars for?’ And he said: ‘For my band, so we can buy a house and make music.’ ‘. Without wasting time. ‘I need you to pay my debts.'”

“I think about my 50-year-old self, when he’s no longer here, and how I’ll tell myself that it’s a shame I didn’t set boundaries for him and keep in touch with him,” Logic shared honestly. “I simply said to him: Why are you asking me for all this? Instead of getting angry at him. And he told me: ‘I don’t know’. I told him: ‘That’s the best answer you gave me, instead of screwing my brains up and making up some excuse.'”

33-year-old Logic has had success in the United States since 2017, when he released his song 1-800-273-8255, which encourages people to seek help when dealing with suicidal thoughts. During the podcast, he also talked about his mother’s addictions: “I didn’t start drinking until I was about 27 years old because seeing my parents in such situations scared me. I was in Alcoholics Anonymous with my mom and dad and I saw everything, I would go to meetings with them.”

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