Aviv Gefen, maybe it’s enough to call it “Rock Ball”?


The beloved Wako section is finally coming to the world of audio! Each week, the editors will deal with the burning issues of the week’s news, without censorship and without political correctness.

And this time:

Enough to make “life is beautiful”: telling children that you went to the shelter is “part of a game” is creepy to God;

Julia the mermaid is not cute at all, Disney has brainwashed you;

Why does the deterrence actually disappear and have to be restored every time?

Instead of attacking Gaza – just put a scarecrow there and they will be scared;

Does anyone even believe Hamas that they fired the rocket at us “accidentally”? What is this, a Bugs Bunny movie?

Maybe the holocaust was also just a technical glitch?

Aviv Gefen, what the hell is a “rock ball”?

Why, when the residents of Otaf are in shelters, Tel Avivians are not allowed to go to the concert? Rejoice for us;

Who cares what Noa Kirel thinks about the security situation;

JK Rowling denied us the first place in Eurovision;

why successful singers are never sent to Eurovision;

Is Noa Kirel’s sexuality an object or an empowerment?

When will secularists stand outside religious schools and hand out candy to anyone who reads passages about evolution;

Will smartphones full of porn succeed in bringing back ultra-Orthodox with the question;

The paradox of secular right-wingers: they vote for ultra-Orthodox coalitions, complain that there is no right-wing channel on Shabbat;

Why isn’t there a secular Itamar Ben Gabir, who hates Arabs but not because of the Bible;

Venga Nir Naman tried hard to be a feminist hero, when all she had to do was move a chair.


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