6 Emirati films at the “Yasmine 2023” festival

6 Emirati films at the “Yasmine 2023” festival
6 Emirati films at the “Yasmine 2023” festival

Between the novelist, the documentary and the short, six Emirati films achieved a remarkable presence and distinguished participation in the “Yasmine Hammamet 2023” International Film Festival in Tunisia, which concludes the activities of its second session, today, Saturday, May 13, and the films were shown in “Yasmine Hammamet” within the “Panorama” program. , which was previously shown at the fifth session of the “Al Ain International Film Festival”.

The films “The Millstone” by director and writer Nasser Al-Dhaheri, and “Ghost” by writer and director Amer Salmeen Al-Marri, received a great response from the festival halls.

“The Stone of the Mill” deals with the march of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God bless his soul, as part of a distinguished literary, artistic and cinematic epic from the history of the Emirates, as the work sheds light on the period from 1946 to 1966, and reviews a glimpse of the founding father’s march full of achievements. Especially since he assumed the rule of the city of Al Ain in 1946, and his wise management of the affairs of the region, in difficult economic, health and educational conditions, and how he promoted the eastern region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, organized its affairs, provided water for free to the residents and their farms, brought doctors and teachers from abroad, and directed the construction of the local market .

As for the movie “Ghost”, which is a type of horror movie, its story revolves around a family struggle over an old legacy, through the story of a grandmother who demands that all members of her family live together in the large family house before she agrees to sell it, and the adventure begins when the family moves into this house , to face many terrifying and mysterious events.

Four short films also participated in the festival, namely: “Isolation” by Ahmed Mohamed Al Habsi, who won the “Best Film” award in the “Emirati Short Falcon” competition at the “Al Ain Film Festival”, and “Beyond Salma” directed by Maryam Al Serkal and Maria Sayed. and “Why is my hand bed in the hall?” Directed by Sarah Al-Hashemi, and “Al-Mizan” directed by Ali Larry.

Writer and director Amer Salmeen Al-Marri expressed his pride in the distinguished Emirati participation, and the strong presence of Emirati films of various types and stories, so that others can know the development and cinematic capabilities that Emirati cinema has reached.

Director and writer Nasser Al-Dhaheri considered that the participations in Arab and international festivals contribute to achieving the spread and distinction of the Emirati film, and at the same time serve as a good ambassador for filmmakers in Arab and international forums. It was shown at the opening of the fifth session of the “Al Ain International Film Festival”, and it won the Grand Prize from the festival, and the “Millstone” tour came to reap the fruits of success and effort made in the film.