“My weight dropped significantly, I became a walking skeleton”

“My weight dropped significantly, I became a walking skeleton”
“My weight dropped significantly, I became a walking skeleton”

after receiving a lifetime achievement award at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. The 78-year-old Michael Douglas held a master class, in which he shared with the audience his experiences throughout his long career. During the event, the star talked about the cancer in his throat, which he was diagnosed with in 2010 and from which he was cured a year later. “It hit me hard. My weight dropped significantly and I literally became a walking skeleton. I thought I wouldn’t work anymore, but luckily the cancer didn’t affect my ability to speak,” he shared.

Douglas said that only when he received the nomination for the Oscar for the film “Wall Street”, he felt that he came out of the shadow of his late father, Kirk Douglas, who passed away 3 years ago at the age of 103. As in the opening ceremony, he thanked his wife and daughter, talked about the importance of his father in his life and explained that he was raised to be first Every human being and only then a professional. He also said that he hopes to play until a late age, as his father did who played until the age of 93.

During the artist segment, Douglas spoke about the film “Basic Instinct”, which premiered in 1992 at the prestigious festival. His and Sharon Stone’s chemistry was one of the highlights of the film, and Douglas explained to the audience that it was no accident. The actor said that when he would shoot intimate scenes, he would work quite a bit beforehand with his partner on exactly how things would progress.

“The secret that made me an expert on movie sex scenes is rehearsals,” Douglas explained. “When you do a fight scene, you have to work on the choreography. You start very slowly and then you move up to a faster pace. It’s the same when you do a sex scene. You say beforehand ‘I’m going to put my hand here. Is that okay?’, and then you Put your hand. After that they start kissing and so on. It’s very good choreography.”


“Today there is an intimacy coordinator,” he answers and sighs, “she takes care of everything in these scenes.” According to him, his sex scenes previously screened at the festival stunned even the French audience: “Seeing a lot of these sexy scenes on the big screen in Cannes was a bit of a shock for a lot of people. We had a very quiet dinner afterwards.”

Douglas said that when they worked together on the movie “Wall Street” in 1987, the director Oliver Stone told him that he didn’t actually know how to act. “He said to me, ‘Are you on drugs? It looks like you’re acting like you have no experience.'” Thanks to this comment, Douglas realized that he should be more committed to his role in the film, a commitment that paid off big after he won the Oscar for Best Actor for his work in the film. He notes that since the film was released, everyone he met on Wall Street told him that the character he played, Gordon Gekko, was a model for stock traders. “I tried to explain to them that Gekko is a villain at all and they answered me, ‘No, you’re the king,'” Douglas tells the audience in the full hall. To finish, Douglas was asked about his favorite roles in his career and mentioned “The Chinese Syndrome” and “Black Rain”.

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