Futurama will return this summer with ten new episodes and one Bender

In the words of Professor Farnsworth: “Good news, everyone!” Favorite animated comedy “Futurama” (Futurama) returns for another round. The Hulu network announced the release date of the 11th season of the series, which will premiere this summer with ten new episodes.

After a 10-year hiatus, the series is unfrozen, with the satirical spirit and the entire cast. This despite the fact that there were initially concerns about the involvement of John DiMaggio, who contributes the voice of Bender. When the new season was first announced last year, DiMaggio announced that he would not be returning to play the rude robot, but he was finally able to reach an agreement with the network and he would indeed join the rest of the cast.

The new episodes will be original enough for a new audience that doesn’t know the original series, but will also provide answers for the most die-hard fans. The series promises to solve decades-old mysteries such as the history of the evil robot Santa, the contents of Nibbler’s sandbox, the fate of Amy and Keef’s first children, as well as the development of Frey and Leela’s never-ending relationship.

In addition, the new episodes will explore modern topics such as a global pandemic, cancellation culture, virtual currencies and the streaming war. The short teaser that was released begins with the pun Hulurama – a combination of the name of the series and its new network, Hulu. This is the third network that airs Futurama, after the Fox network that aired the first five seasons, and Comedy Central that revived the series for five more.

Futurama (Image: HULU Disney+)

The teaser mainly continues to show us the returning characters. In addition to the Planet Express team, we also see Santa Claus, Zapp Brannigan, Keef, the robot actor Calculus, and the late businesswoman “Mom”.

Unlike other series that get reboots, Futurama doesn’t seem to be trying to reboot itself or change the animation style. The new episodes will look exactly like the previous ones, and the feeling is that it is simply a new season for a series that never really ended.

As mentioned, the entire dubbing team will return, among them Billy West (Frey, Farnsworth, Zoidberg), Katie Siegel (night), Teres McNeil (Linda, mother), Maurice Lemarsh (Morvo), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong), Phil Lamer said (Hermes), David Herman (Scrappy, the server) and now officially also DiMaggio (Bender).

As is customary with the streaming companies’ animated series, Hulu pre-ordered two seasons of the series with 20 episodes in total, and the next ten episodes will be released at a later date.

“Futurama” will air on the Hulu network in the US on July 24. It has not yet been announced when and where it will be broadcast in Israel.

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