After his death it was revealed: the mysterious love story of Nissim Alferon

After his death it was revealed: the mysterious love story of Nissim Alferon
After his death it was revealed: the mysterious love story of Nissim Alferon

About two weeks ago he passed away Nissim Alferon At the age of 67, after a long battle with cancer. He is considered one of the leaders of the underworld in Israel. As a result, over the years it has gone through and survived many assassination attempts. Alferon’s personal story is no less exciting. The media said that he left behind six children, three daughters from his wife Jordana and three children fromTali Hollerthe daughter of the mythical crime reporter Mike Holler Zal. The story of Holler and Alferon was published by Liora several decades ago.

The two met at the prison release party of Jacob Alferon The deceased, and all while Nisim was married. The two fell in love, and Holler did not deny that Nisim belonged to the dominant crime family in Israel. Later, Tali and Nisim parted ways, and he returned to the arms of Jordana, who also accompanied him and fed him during his illness. Holer did not come to the funeral, but the three children – Nissim Matali’s two sons and daughter actually showed up. Her beloved Alferon, her famous sister-in-law, was also absent from the funeral, which was packed with criminals as well as law enforcement.

Nissim Alferon (Photo: Flash 90)

Jordana, shares in your sorrow. You knew stormy days with miracles.
“Hey Liora, the forgiveness is with you. During our 44 years of marriage, I neither agreed nor liked the media interest. thank you for your interest. I can only confirm to you that indeed life by his side was stormy, happy and also sad.”

Tali, could you summarize the stormy period with him?
“Nissim always taught me to keep our private lives just for us, and I will continue on this path.”

Why didn’t you come to the funeral?

Are you in touch with Jordana and her girls?

You and Nissim have not been in touch in recent years.

something happened? Are you hurt by him?
“You’re giving me an interview in a hurry. Nothing happened, everything was great. We’ve come to the end of our road like many normal couples, more or less, and that’s it. That’s the end of it. I don’t want to sound impolite, but I really want to keep it to ourselves at home our”.

Nissim Alferon (Photo: Private)

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