The “Big Brother” star is accused of a financial sting: “filth, the scum of the human race”

The “Big Brother” star is accused of a financial sting: “filth, the scum of the human race”
The “Big Brother” star is accused of a financial sting: “filth, the scum of the human race”

Liora continues to follow one of the “Big Brother” alumni, who had a long-term affair with a famous model, who has been suspected for several years of alleged financial fraud after getting into financial trouble. In one of the most active Facebook groups in his hometown, the following message was recently published: “I want to warn you about a ‘model’ (the name is kept in the system – LGS) who takes out ‘loans’ through manipulation and emotional blackmail and then disappears. For me and many others he ruined life. I recommend staying away.”

The writer of the post, who is entitled to confidentiality according to Liora’s laws, said: “I am a person with a suicidal tendency. He took advantage of me in very bad and difficult ways. For you this is another article in the newspaper. For me it is a collapsed world. This is filth, the scum of the human race that stings and marks targets. There are many People who were hurt by him. I can give you the names of people he caused significant financial damage to. He stung me personally for 50 thousand shekels. These were the only savings I had, or rather I had.”

Former celebrity, when will the hard complaints about you stop?
“Could you please send me the post she wrote?”.

Sure, would you like to respond?
“Of course! I’ll send you a response tomorrow.”
did not send

Last week, a street named after the late singer Ofira Yosef was inaugurated, in the Kfar Shalem neighborhood of Tel Aviv, where she was born and raised.
Sister Royat Yosef-Ellof, were you excited?
“We are very happy and excited. It is a great honor that Ofira is immortalized in the neighborhood where she was born and raised and which she loved so much.”

Last week, Amdocs employees came to the dining room as usual to taste the flavors of Chef Mosheek Roth, who prepares the gourmet meals for them, when suddenly a fire broke out in one of the stations. The sprinklers were opened, the water was sprayed and the workers had to run for their lives while they were wet.

Former and future minister Aryeh Deri promised senior adviser Israel Bacher, who was involved in the case of Rabbi Guy Habora and Bnei Gantz, to be Israel’s consul in Los Angeles. Bachar and Deri refused to comment.

And by the way, Gantz. Last Friday, when the rockets thundered, the former defense minister betrothed his eldest daughter Nega.

After the rape victim in Shmarat, Yael Greenberg, passed away at the beginning of this month, a crowdfunding project called “Begging for forgiveness from the late Yael – the project of Reut Asimini”, was established, which is entirely devoted to the support of Yael’s five daughters. Search and donate.

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