Each of us needs someone like Ofir Haim

Each of us needs someone like Ofir Haim
Each of us needs someone like Ofir Haim
There is no Davin
At this point in the month (and life), it seems we’ve consumed every possible content on Noa Kirel, and not sure that will. The advantage of the new resident at the heart of the Israeli consensus is that it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to understand what all the hype is about and identify with it – but the disadvantage is that from the amount of accompanying content it is already becoming difficult to distinguish between the over-exaggerated and the original and the good. The film “Noa Kirel is on her way to Eurovision” (here 11), for example, he will broadcast a service from beginning to end, and it seems that the most refreshing television documentation of the trip to Liverpool is precisely in the concluding article that was broadcast this week on“Good evening with Guy Pines” (Kashet 12), which is becoming more and more professional with in-depth articles that don’t fall out of a docu-mini-film.

The Pines people of course benefited from almost complete access to Curl, but someone there made the right creative decision (and yes, there’s no problem in calling it a “creation”) and examined the entire event through the side characters. There is the man, the old man and the tact Doron Medleythis time without any statement that the Holocaust exhausted itself, the stylist With me in Bezali After the pants accident, your partner Tomer HaCohen who turns out to be a witty and funnier guy than is usually thought, the mother Ilana Kirel who made sure to bring a pot of meatballs and rice backstage, you Moti andKarin Halfon who came down from Israel, hosted the Kirils in the kitchen and look like a waste of reality TV actors, and even the Albert Bethley – a fan of Noah who came to Liverpool especially from California. This article helps Kirill get his feet back on the ground, while being recorded at the invitation of McDonald’s right after the finale (crispy chicken = winner’s choice), and it mainly proves that there is still hope for this television genre, even when it seems that all the content has already been burned on Instagram.

what to see?
You “Thousand” (Yes), the drama about the affair of the president and the torturer Moshe Katsav, which was worth waiting 15 years for. In light of obvious legal circumstances, in “Alf” there is no official confirmation that the plot is based on this specific event – but if anyone has trouble seeing the starting points, they are welcome to pay attention to one of its creators, Odelia Carmon, former A from the Ministry of Transportation. And what do you know, even though it feels like we’ve heard it all, she still manages to surprise. For the full review.

Life is everything
Suddenly a man wakes up in the evening and discovers that“Europe is not everything” (here 11), the corporation’s new docu-film, is not about Eurovision at all. There is no choice but to appreciate the ability of the people there to turn every event into an *event*, and just after the Noa Kirel festival – the very next week the Under-20 Soccer World Cup will begin, The Mondialeto. Before that happens, the creator Eitan Dotan from the football association accompanied toOscar Gloch, Eli from Damon, To the Kanzpolsky Sea The remaining members of the team left on their journey to Euro 2022, where they qualified for the finals of the tournament and won a ticket to the same Mondialeto, an unprecedented achievement for Israeli football. Make no mistake, “Europe is not everything” is definitely an image film, but at least it reveals an image that is indeed worthy of a film.

The main person responsible for the importance of the film – and in general, for the extraordinary success of the boys – is the former footballer and current coach Ofir Chaim. With the actors as with the viewers, Haim keeps nothing in his stomach: he exposes his son who is on the autistic spectrum to the camera, does not hide his personal and professional disappointments, and presents encouraging speeches full of pathos that feel as if they were written in Hollywood. But Haim doesn’t put on a show, certainly not for the cameras. Before the semi-finals, he opens his heart and tells about a panic that is related to his son and was hidden from him, so that he would stay focused on the game, and in a speech that you can’t remain indifferent to, he explains to the boys in front of him how powerful they are. They are of a similar age to his son, model to a certain extent what could have happened to him under other circumstances, and hear from him at the peak moment that they are actually allowed to fall. Only Chaim clarifies that the preparation for the fall does not stem from defeat, but is intended to encourage the team to tighten their waists and believe in their inner strength. And this is a great, important and wonderful message.

Each of us needs someone like Ofir Haim in our lives, and the young players testify to this themselves: all of them, without exception, do not attribute the credit for their achievements to teamwork or the abilities of a specific player – but solely to the coach. In his many pep talks, which cannot be faked because they come from the gut, Haim mentions the highest elocutions in the field of documentary-educational documentation, such as “Teacher Irena” and “The Last Chance High School”. The second, in case anyone has forgotten, already brought the then director Hili Trooper to politics and to the government table. It’s hard to believe that Chaim wants to go that far and become such a public figure (as evidenced by his awkward and excited phone calls with the president and prime minister), but if and when, this is the movie everyone will return to. And if he is not interested in being the Minister of Education or Sports, at least someone will ask him to advise on the next appointment. It’s good that on the sporting level there is no perfect ending to “Europe is not everything”, because its absence highlights the real highlight of the documentation. and onions “Tribal Bonfires” (here 11), another docu of the corporation that is broadcast these days and focuses specifically on the gaps between the different groups, Haim still inspires hope for some kind of positive melting pot. The players come from Beit Tzafa and the Gaza Strip, and admire him equally. Now, when the public gets to know him a little more, the list of his admirers becomes especially long.

Next week
Just after the premiere at the Dokaviv festival, the doku film “Inbal Perlmutter: If it’s over” arrives on television (Yes, 24.5); “Lost” creator Damon Lindelof returns with “Mrs. Davis” Full of Buzz (Yes, as above); Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play really good friends in the comedy “Platonic” (Apple TV Plus, as above); Arnold Schwarzenegger lands on the small screen with the action comedy “FUBAR” (Netflix, 25.5); And the last episode definitely of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon Prime, 26.5).

Photo by Ilana Kirel: from “A Good Evening with Guy Pines”, Keshet 12 / Photo by Tyler James Williams and Quinta Bronson: from “Abbott Elementary School”, Disney+ / Photo by Sarah Snook: from “Alf”, Yes