Gal Rubin: “Waiting for a revised marriage proposal”

Gal Rubin: “Waiting for a revised marriage proposal”
Gal Rubin: “Waiting for a revised marriage proposal”

Finalist of the last season of “Survival”, Gal Robin, was chosen to be the face of the care and medical aesthetics brand “Mona”. We caught up with her on the set for a short conversation about the period after filming on the island, dealing with the life of fame and the blossoming love with her partner Tamir Nahum.

Gal Rubin in an interview about life after “Survival”

Tell me a little, how is life after “Survival”?
“Amazing, actually life after survival is with more exposure and with more possibilities to bring my agendas, my audience, and I came to the front that’s most of the change.”

And what responses do you get?
“First of all, the reactions are amazing, because I’m bringing an authentic place, I feel that the support and encouragement are also corresponding, it’s fun.”

Are there good responses, are there also less good ones?
“I really focus on the good and supportive reactions, and they are really the majority and the main thing, you can’t say that it’s absolutely everything, but definitely the majority, and that’s what I focus on and that’s what surrounds.”

How does your partner deal with your exposure?
“A great contender, breathes a lot. The truth is that he is an amazing contender, he is supportive, he also helps me a lot with this, so I have nothing to say, just TLS. I call him ‘the last survivor’.”

And tell me, you are already a mother of six children, do you have romantic aspirations together? Would you be willing to bring another child with him?
“First of all, let’s get to the moment when we might get married, I really want only that I’m waiting for such a marriage proposal that is improved compared to what I experienced. And you know, I don’t know, never say never.”

Gal Rubin and her partner (Photo: Or Gefen)

There are rumors about your approach to religion, what can you tell about it?
“The truth is that this is an interesting question, I don’t think I have ever distanced myself from religion, what you see visually on the outside is actually what happens inside. I was born this way, these are my values ​​and I am always connected to the Holy One, blessed be He, but I think I have developed my own path, I like it and it is comfortable to me.”

Do you stay in touch with the friends from the island, if so with whom?
“I won’t lie that at the beginning of leaving the journey of survival we really lost contact a bit, but later we put the sediment in the past and were happy for our opportunity to get to know such a special place, and today we are in an amazing relationship. Just a few days ago Doreen’s husband had a birthday, we celebrated him and we were all together And we blossomed together, she really is perfect. So we’re really good.”