Dor Taub reveals the secret: I was sexually harassed while studying at “Beit Zvi”

Dor Taub reveals the secret: I was sexually harassed while studying at “Beit Zvi”
Dor Taub reveals the secret: I was sexually harassed while studying at “Beit Zvi”

WhenDor Taub (31) arrived with a suitcase at the apartment of Noya Arieli In Network 13’s reality show “New Love”, he did not imagine in his wildest dreams that this was the script that came out of this planned and engineered encounter that was recorded using dozens of cameras. Taub, Arieli’s first choice, fell in love with her at first sight, as testified in an interview with Maariv TMI. But the relationship of the two ran aground and they decided to break up.

“We are very different. We both didn’t give a real chance. I really wanted to but I still let the gaps of difference stop it. I didn’t know how to read her and today I do know how to read her. I know her and know what everything stems from. On the outside I thought the same as the audience thought, that she is distant, but no – everyone has a different way of expressing things,” says Taub in an interview.

Arieli who continued to choose LDor Levy (the future generation as she called it), she did not expect to receive him in the form of a tenant, who also chooses different women to live with in his new house in “new love”.

Are you back on the show to win it back? To prove to her that she was wrong in her decision?
“Deep in my heart, yes, but that’s not what motivated me. In my first experience, I fell for someone, so they’ll probably arrange someone who is my taste. Noya was a score of 10 out of 10 for me, so I said, ‘Bring me another one like that’. In my heart, I just wanted to see her again.”

Dor Taub (Photo: Rami Zarnagar)

Arieli’s short relationship with Dor Levy did not last long and she entered the election room with the moderator Maya Wertheimer again and this time chose bMoshe Shemesh. Arieli, who got along great with Shemesh, became Taub’s good friend and the two realized that they had feelings for each other. “There is falling in love, you have to bond with a person and there really is true love. The falling in love was really at first sight. I realized it the morning after the first meeting, that the excitement I had on the first day was falling in love. When I stayed as a tenant and we were kind of friends (S.K.R.), That’s when I realized that I had feelings and real love only happened as soon as the cameras went off. We had a crisis where we broke up for a few weeks and I realized that I loved her,” says Taub.

What caused the crisis?
“Lack of understanding what this situation is that we went through. Everything happened too quickly and we started asking ‘are we being forced to be together?’ Really a lot to get to where we are now.”

We met in a very closed and remote Noya program. How is she as a partner off camera?
“The most amazing and funniest there is. I love her sense of humor. She is the most supportive and loving there is and the fact that she is the most beautiful in the country is just a bonus and I am happy.”

Do you have fights?
“Not so much, not yet. We’re still on our honeymoon, wait. The exams are still ahead of us.”

You watched the show together. After your breakup, she got dirty quite a bit. What was it like watching it with her?
“I slowly turned around to see her face in horror and the girl just smiled at me and said: ‘It’s all good, worse things have happened to me than what you said’. It wasn’t his personality at all, I took it much harder than her.”

Dor Taub and Noya Arieli (Photo: Nir Pekin)

There were comments that said that the main victims of the issue were your choices – Shaked and Christina, that you didn’t give a real chance there.
“I don’t feel guilty. I don’t think I’m saying anything unkind here, they’ll testify themselves, they came mainly for publicity and accepted it and behave in front of him very nicely. Both are charming and I could have continued spending time with them but I had a real feeling and followed it. I don’t think I broke them The heart, they wanted the publicity.”

The affair with Shaked ended quite badly, she was angry.
“Is it my fault that they cast a 24-year-old girl? She had nothing to be offended about. I had fun with her and I had fun. If I gave her a real chance? She’s not my taste. I came open because I was told to do it and I had fun and nice. Maybe if not Noya, I would have behaved differently. She is more or less the standard, she doesn’t have to be exactly my taste. Noya was simply more than I wanted and she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life, so the whole experience is dwarfed by the experience with Noya.”

Is the generation straight in front of them? With Shaked it ended with high emotions on her part.
“Chris is really lovely, I got to talk to her in Pullup and she is very cute. I really like her, she is intelligent and sharp. I tried to talk to Shaked after the show and she didn’t answer. She charged and gave everything in the Pullup episode, so I understood that she wanted to be in front of the cameras.”

Did you ask forgiveness from Moses?
“To this day, I apologize to him. He was the first person I spoke to when I left the show. We had a video call and before I could apologize, he answered me with a huge smile. Moshe is a person with a heart of gold and a good friend, who will only remain my friend. Obviously, this is embarrassing and unpleasant ego, but he is such a person without ego, which is amazing. It is indeed an unpleasant situation, he was supposed to get on a plane for vacation, but he reacted like a man among men. We talk a lot and go out to the beer when he arrives in Tel Aviv. He is one of my good friends who left the program He is happy for us that we found love.”

Dor Taub (Photo: Rami Zarnagar)

Is there anything you regret about the show?
“I can say yes, but if I’ve reached the point I’m at now, then I can’t say anything. At first I told myself that Shaked roared at me because, bottom line, I didn’t want to. What could I do? Maybe I regret choosing her. On the other hand, if I hadn’t Choosing her and choosing someone else maybe, it wouldn’t bother Noya. I didn’t think I would end the program with what I ended up with, and it happened.”

Taub, whose trademark is his unique golden curls that attract all the attention in the room, is a model, basketball coach and copywriter by profession. Taub has the image of the cool Tel Avivian who dresses well and looks great and doesn’t seem to have a problem with his love life and interpersonal interactions with the opposite sex. “Many times I am perceived as a child. I kind of broadcast it with the smile, the humor, the curls and the clothes. None of these things indicate maturity really. No one around me will say that I am a child or behave immaturely, but in terms of image it is probably perceived that way. See In talkbacks they say ‘childish’ or ‘spoiled’ about me, that’s not who I am and it does me a bit of an injustice,” says Taub.

Is it hard to see the comments online?
“The reactions are good, it’s nice to hear. There is a lot of support. There are also less good reactions in talkbacks and that’s also nice, that’s fine. I didn’t come to be the ultimate prince or the undisputed man, we all have many sides and obviously not everyone connects with me and that’s perfectly fine. There is the way I did that I am whole and proud of and those who didn’t connect probably shouldn’t follow me. I treated everyone with respect, but in terms of how it was portrayed on TV, less people liked to see the story with Moshe. It turned out as if Noya and Moshe were really a couple and I and Noya had an affair behind the back of Moshe. The absolute majority of the audience at home understands that this is a program and we are the only ones who managed to produce something after the program. We are the only type who knew about the program and went out with a relationship. We are two people who would never have encountered each other in life. I would never approach her.”

Why not?
“Supposedly we are both models, but our interests are very different. I fell in love with her at first sight and because she is beautiful, so I definitely would not approach her in real life.”

you look good too
“Good-looking men are less likely to go to the grocery store with it. It’s nice, but even good-looking men can be insecure sometimes.”

Could it be that she created a feeling of insecurity in you?
“Yes, you can say that I was insecure in front of her. The difference between us is very small things and when there is love it is not interesting.”

Dor Taub (Photo: Rami Zarnagar)

What is the difference between you?
“The main difference between us is in how we perceive ourselves in terms of image. When there is love between us in rooms, this image does not change anything. I always speak respectfully to people, but in the episode ‘The Floup’ I felt that people were attacking me and her, and at that moment things came out of me, that as cute as I am From me, the child is a street from Karmiel. These are things that she will know how to accept in terms of image? This is my way of survival and I am not too proud of them, but these are things that we can solve. The big tests are still ahead of us, moving in together and the moment the spotlight disappears. We have tests that other couples do not have “.

There are many who say that the relationship with Noya will end as soon as the show drops.
“I can’t predict the future. The only person in the world to whom I have to explain my love for Noya is her. Anyone who wants to think differently is his.”

Despite the image that Staub says stuck with him as a result of the reality show, as a child who grew up in Karmiel as the son of elderly divorced parents, he did not always feel like he belonged. “I was a kid who was pushed into a corner. I wasn’t an accepted kid, I wouldn’t talk much. At my parents’ house, there were a lot of fights until they got divorced in the end. My brothers are older than me and were busy with their own dealings, and I felt like a kid who was pushed into a corner a bit,” says Taub. “Until the age of 16, I didn’t communicate with girls, I didn’t try, I was confined within myself. I always felt alone and it affects me to this day. I have a lot of friends today, but many of them will say that I don’t exist, disappear, am not present at important events. This is something I adopted for myself , when everyone is around I suddenly disappear. There is some deprivation from childhood. Even the slot they put me in in “New Love”. I was a guest and then I became a tenant and I’m actually the only man. It’s a very different experience from others. I’m used to being the different and the exception. When I was growing up in Karmiel they used to say about me ‘Tel Aviv hipster’, when I moved to Tel Aviv they called me ‘monkey from the periphery’. No one can define me, I grew up in a Persian family that calls me ‘Ashkenazi’, I experienced racism from my family. I am neither Ashkenazi nor Mizrahi, neither left nor right, no A center and not a periphery. I have no definition or identity and I like that because I think true happiness is found in lack of identity.”

At a family meeting you only meet your siblings. What about the parents?
“My brothers live in Tel Aviv and it happened between now and now, so this is what came out. My relationship with my parents is very good, we talk every day, so there was nothing deeper.”

Dor Taub (Photo: Rami Zarnagar)

Taub, who so far has not opened up about the painful story that left him with scars, arrived in the modeling field at the age of 21 after returning from a trip to South America with a mane of blonde curls that turned on the cast. After several campaigns as a model, he began to study acting at the “Beit Zvi” acting school, where according to his testimony he experienced repeated harassment from one of the directors in the play in which he was scheduled to act in the third year of his studies. “When a man harasses a woman, if he’s a monster he does it forcefully or unconsciously and thinks that’s how they love. When a man harasses a straight man and he says to himself: ‘He’s a man, he’s strong, he’ll accept it, it’s a joke. So I’ll stroke him and throw him comments. He’ll get it.’ at night and I have nightmares about it. So no matter how much I repressed, the subconscious must have entered, because it’s a fact that I have bad dreams.”

Did you put that person in place?
“There was a specific director who, from the moment I showed him that I wasn’t playing this game with him, he took care of me throughout the rehearsal period. In the rehearsal room I’m the most professional there is, I’m the last to be on the phone or talk while others are working, I’m completely professional and he took care of me for no good reason and I understood where It’s coming. Until I blew up at him and left that production and everyone went on with their lives.”

What are your aspirations for the future? Do you want to stay in entertainment, television?
“There are a lot of things on the agenda. I work in advertising and I really like it. I’m a copywriter and I really enjoy it. Most of the time I probably won’t want to be on the front, but I have an affinity for the field of acting. I teach and prepare for auditions, I’ve played in several series and I’d like to work in it more Bottom line, I want to be a proper breadwinner for the house I’m going to build.”

Dor Taub (Photo: Rami Zarnagar)