“Yoav Kutner is ignorant of Haaretz, and he admits it”

“Yoav Kutner is ignorant of Haaretz, and he admits it”
“Yoav Kutner is ignorant of Haaretz, and he admits it”

The commotion at the screening of the film on Zvika Pick: Last night (Thursday) an unusual incident occurred at the premiere of the film “Days of the Pick” about the life of the late pop icon. At the screening at the Dokaviv festival, the singer Yizhar Cohen lashed out at the filmmakers and said: “We will do an injustice to Zvika.” Cohen himself did not want to comment in detail on the incident and only told Mako that “the film made me angry”.

The one who chose to go into more detail in his review of the film and its creators is Shai Kerem, the personal manager of Dana International and who has worked over the years with Zvika Pick. Kerem himself participates in the film, but in a conversation with mako after last night’s incident, he lamented Yoav Kutner’s participation in the work. “It was very sad and very disappointing,” Kerem told Mako, “to see Yoav Kutner in the film about Zvika Peak, he was the only music critic who spoke during the entire film, and it is known that he was one of the biggest ignoramuses in pop music. Ignorant and with Haaretz in everything to pop, and he also admits it. He belongs to a very specific and sectoral musical genre, pop has never spoken to him.”

“Also on Dana (International GM) Kutner went down, and also on Zvika, he doesn’t really understand it,” Kerem continued. “To bring such a critic to talk about Zvika Pick’s music, there is something unfair about it. They wouldn’t do it to Eric Einstein and they wouldn’t do it to others. Zvika is among the ten greatest musicians in Israel that ever existed, as a musician and a singer. The only musical reference comes From a man like Kutner, whose views were defeated by reality in real time, when he said that a vomit bag was needed for Zvika’s song, when he still had some power. Today, reality defeated his lack of understanding, when everyone understands that Zvika is a soundtrack. So why do you have to hear it throughout the film? enough.

“It’s not fair to Zvika, it’s not fair to Zvika’s music, and it’s not fair to the viewers. I think Kutner should also start to understand that he shouldn’t come and speak wherever he’s asked. They ask you to participate in a movie about Zvika Peak, you didn’t like him , you had no orientation towards his music, why do you have to come and repeat the nonsense you said during all the years? He laughs at him, that he came to the IDF airwaves with girls, on his clothes, on his album covers, this is a man who does not understand pop . During his speech he said that it is very, very difficult to grow old, and it is indeed true – because many times there are those who lose relevance, and it is a shame that he does not turn it on himself. Zvika Pick’s music will stay here forever, and Yoav Kutner’s nonsense will not last a single second after the film. Other than that, it’s a very beautiful and moving film.”

In response, Kutner told Mako: “I came to the IDF airwaves in the mid-seventies and was one of the main supporters of Zvika Peak in his transition to creating quality pop-rock at the end of the decade. Zvika Pik knew this and in a combined movie I conducted a long interview with him… everything else is gossip.

“Even about my review of ‘Song to John Lennon’ (known as the ‘puke bags’) we discussed and agreed that it was a vulgar sentence out of place, but also a bad song out of place. Everything is documented in articles and recordings from those days.”

“Days of the Pick”, both parts of which will be released in August on yes doku, presents the last days of the Israeli pop icon. Pick himself managed to be interviewed for the film before he passed away in the middle of filming, and the creators do not deal with the various events since his death – but promise that the picture around him will become completely clear. The creator of the film is the journalist Shai Lahav, in collaboration with the director Ron Omer, and the production is signed by Erez Ben Harosh and Ron Omer. According to them, the film is “a journey that tries to crack the personality of one of the most famous, and also the most mysterious, people in Israeli culture.”

The film’s director, Shai Lahav, responded last night: “We created a film that outlined the complex character of Zvika Pick, and we made it out of love and appreciation for the man. And that’s how the hundreds of viewers who cheered at the end of the screening reacted.”

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