30 paintings presenting “color cases” at the Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah

The Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah organized a plastic exhibition that included 30 paintings, under the title “Color Cases” by plastic artist Mazen Orabi, who presented unique cases of dealing with colors, reflecting a long experience in color processing, experimentation in mixing them and exploring what patterns can give That mix of visions and indications.
Sharjah 24:

The exhibition “Color Cases” by visual artist Mazen Orabi, which is currently hosted by the Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah, constitutes unique cases of dealing with colors, reflecting a long experience in the treatment of colors, experimentation in mixing them, and exploring what patterns of that mixing can give of visions and indications. It also suggests that the artist Orabi has a high color sensitivity, which he gained through a career in artistic work, which was supplemented by his practical experiences as a professional designer.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the club, and a number of artists and the art public, includes 30 large and medium paintings, in which acrylic colors were used, and they embody conditions for one case, which is what Orabi called “the manipulation of sight”, where the colors They overlap, intertwine, interconnect, collide and tense, meet, diverge and contradict, to seduce the sight and lure it into the depths of the game, to settle in its origin to explore beyond those color states, and to search for psychological and aesthetic dimensions that may lie behind it. The idea of ​​attracting the spectator to the experience is the basis, and the spectator must then To form the appropriate indication for him, and this is what Orabi expresses in his introduction to his exhibition by saying: My painting is a technical intellectual project, and you find color with me has a voice and at the same time it has a mystical dimension, and my works fall under the concept of “manipulation of sight”, and this means that every person He sees the painting from his own perspective, so I don’t give the painting a name.