Catchy and beautiful: Eden Hasson and Dolly and Penn in a new and successful ballad listen

Catchy and beautiful: Eden Hasson and Dolly and Penn in a new and successful ballad listen
Catchy and beautiful: Eden Hasson and Dolly and Penn in a new and successful ballad listen

It seems that Bar Tzabri cracked the appropriate and characteristic formula for him, his thoughts and his personal style in order to create good songs that not only correspond with the mainstream in a wonderful way and combine rock’n’roll with frills but also express a statement, social criticism (sometimes) and his individual perception of the world.

In “Simple Chorus”, his new song, he seemingly sings about the comments, advice and criticisms he receives from those around him about my music, his clothes and his performance, and the dreaded pursuit of ratings in such a competitive world as the music industry.

The result is a poignant and wonderful critical song that, on the one hand, presents sincerity and real emotion that are expressed in his voice, and on the other hand, a melodic, catchy tune, which drains the mixture of musical influences on Sabri into one tight and touching mix. This is his DNA and if he continues to walk with the truth in his soul, as the song says, he is expected to continue the wave of success in the years to come.

From the first second you start listening to Echo’s “Chardonna” you can fall in love with the fun atmosphere, a fine pop-disco-hip-hop, with a very personal text and an excellent performance wrapped in excellent beats about her private reality, the longing not to chase after the shekel but mainly to be content with what one has and enjoying the little things of life It’s an optimistic song, a necessary dose of sanity in such a troubled time, the recipient of an excellent musical production.

In general, in every song, Eko manages to share her private world with us in a special and typical way, she never repeats herself and always manages to surprise every time anew, and this element of surprise is the curiosity that motivates me every time to listen straight to a new song from her pen that is published.

It was quite easy to connect to the song “Loving you every day” by Dolly and Pan (Doleb Ram and Pan Chazot) with Eden Hasson for a few simple reasons: the verses and chorus are very catchy, melodic and wrapped, acoustically, beautiful; The text is high quality, romantic and yet not kitschy; And the performance is full of emotion and real intention. In short – all the right parameters for creating a good song that deserves to become a hit.

“Baadinot” is the name of Ari Gourli’s new album and it is also the name of the eighth track in the number that marks it and expresses the mood of the album: on the outside soft, gentle and calm and on the inside deep and stormy at times. The song begins in a rather romantic way with “You wanted” (the “na-na-na” in the chorus already make the song easy to hum). In “In Alia” he leans towards country-blues-rock’n’roll (a bit in the style of the sixties) with witch harmonica playing and still maintains the romantic line.

In “The Whole World Before You” the rough voice of Goreli soothes well in an ultimate song of encouragement for someone (maybe it’s a girl or a young woman?) that basically anyone can connect with and identify with, because it’s never too late to fulfill; The song “Dean or Dayan” breaks a bit the caress of the songs that preceded it and it seems that it continues the story in the album and is a seam line for rage and a certain breaking point from the romantic idyll that characterized the album until that moment.

The continuation of the story comes with the next song, “Kama Sha I Wanted”, which is more of a heartbreak song and sounds more realistic than the “infinite love that does not depend on anything” songs. The song, a good rock ballad, is also in my opinion one of the best on the album.

In “If You Come” Gorely sings “It’s not too late, there’s more to be found” and breathes hope that even when everything is hard and good seems far away, optimism is still visible on the horizon and can come. The song, performed as a duet with Leah Shabat, suits the voices of the two who manage to move and touch the heartstrings.

The song “Oceanus”, in a serious and wondering tone, poses many questions and uncertainties for the hero of the song: will his love be able to return to him his beloved who is moving away and is comforted in “Storm in a Cup of Salt”? He still loves her and is still willing to sacrifice himself for her – but will that be enough for her to give him a ticket back to her heart? Gorli presents the song in a way that changes the tone of the song a little throughout the story and this is in my opinion the great thing about it.

The album is signed with the bluesy “Badinot”, which is a sort of summary song of all the experiences he went through throughout the album, love, disappointment, doubts and thoughts. The rhythm is intoxicating and the blues is addictive – what more do you need?

It’s an excellent album, one of the best that Gurley has released so far: it’s cohesive, it’s more rocky-bluesy and tells a story so that a song does stand on its own, but together the songs complete the whole picture, like puzzle pieces that connect to one complete and well-made piece. An album that needs to be heard all at once and absorbed into the story.