Demi Lovato’s freckles have her own routine and the esthetician travels with her wherever she goes

Demi Lovato loves a good selfie without makeup. Can you blame her? The actress has incredible, clear skin. It takes a lot of work. Luckily, we got an insight into her skincare routine from one of her estheticians, Renee Rouleau.

Renee has been with Demi since she was 17 years old. The two met when they were both residents of Dallas. According to Renee, even as a teenager, Demi was always committed to taking care of her skin. “She said she would have loved being an esthetician,” Renee said. “I think it’s very unique that she’s so committed to taking care of her skin and making it a priority. All these years even through the struggles of her personal life, which she spoke about publicly, she still saw me.”

Read on for more tips we learned from Renee on how to get naturally glowing skin like Demi’s.

She embraces double cleansing.

Between tours, award shows, and countless red carpet appearances, Demi rarely gets a break from heavy makeup. While this is inevitable, what you control is how well she takes care of her skin once the night is over. “Proper makeup removal is a double cleanse. A water-based cleanser will wash off easily, you need something creamy to really dissolve that makeup,” Renee said.

Demi usually applies a cleansing emulsion to dry skin, allows it to dissolve makeup, then washes it off, then takes a washcloth to physically remove all the gunk.

Renee explained that she’s not a fan of cleansing oils because the oil’s molecules are large and act almost like a sealant, not allowing the other products below to penetrate the skin effectively.

They don’t change their products often.

We’re all guilty of being fickle with our skincare routines the minute we hear about the next miracle serum or cream we need. Demi is not one to mess with what is already working for her.

Renee explained, “Demi is very loyal to using what I tell her. She’s not swayed by what her friends tell her. She really understands that she needs to use the right products for her skin type and is very committed to working with her esthetician and following the plan.”

She really is strategic with her travel skincare.

She focuses her energy not on what she does during the flight, but rather before and after it. Renee explained: “What happens on the plane is dehydration. Moisture evaporates and dehydration, which is temporary and will happen no matter what. The key is to prevent that from happening. What I do for Demi is always use sunscreen.

Demi applies Pro Remedy Oil to her sunscreen and it works almost like a top coat, sealing in all the moisture underneath the skin. Helps prevent evaporation of water from the surface. The application is also key. “Since she’s prone to clogging, I’ll apply the oil to her face very lightly and I don’t want her to rub it in because I don’t want it on her skin. It’s just a few drops,” she explained.

She makes regular facials a priority

Renee told us that Demi sees her every six weeks on average. Even when Demi is on tour, she keeps it up, Rene remembered what the artist was like last year in Portland, and asked Rene to fly in to meet her.

I gave her a facial in her hotel room. And that’s what Fred says about her, who wants a facelift for their birthday? I’m glad skincare is a priority, as I work with a lot of Hollywood celebrities, and if they got something more important to do, they’d cancel. Demi always obliges.”

Even freckles have their own grooming routine.

Demi is blessed with natural freckles and loves to flaunt them. However, when you travel to a warm place, that heat can awaken melanocytes, Rene says. She added, “She doesn’t want her color to get too dark. What happens with age is freckles take on a life of their own and transform and mature into brown spots and become darker. Skin tone is not even.”

To help treat hyperpigmentation, she uses a vitamin C and E treatment. “It’s a gentle way to suppress melanin activity. It helps the pigment fade,” Renee said.