Iman Mansour launches a campaign against electronic harassment and extortion..Have you been exposed to it?

Iman Mansour is a young artist who started her artistic career with her Western and Eastern musical and lyrical culture. She recently released her song “If You Love”, through which she wanted to present a sublime message, which is raising awareness of electronic harassment and extortion. The campaign was “Draw The Line” with the Lebanese Internal Security Forces Directorate.

The “Art” website had an interview with the artist Iman Mansour, in which she talked about the campaign and her new work:

Eman Mansour, how does she introduce herself as a person and artist?

I cannot separate the artist’s faith from the human being, as I express myself and my feelings through singing. I grew up in a family that loved arts and culture, and immersed myself in the world of eastern and western music and singing since childhood.

You launched a campaign of electronic harassment and blackmail, which started with your latest clip, “If You Love”, tell us first about your song?

The song “If I Loved” that I recently released is written by Antonios Ayoub and composed by Dr. Ghada Shbeir. It was distributed and recorded by George Kassis Studio. I filmed a video clip, where it showed two looks coordinated by Johnny Matta from the nineties, expressing two stages that I live within the context of the clip. We have shed light on the issue of electronic harassment and extortion, not only through its social framework, but also in terms of recovery and a start to life again.

An artist of your age, how did you decide to present a message that some might think is older than her?

It is possible for many to think that the issue of electronic harassment and extortion should be talked about by someone older than my age, but this scourge also affects those of my age and even younger, so I liked to raise the voice and say to those who suffered and suffer from this problem that there is someone beside them and to urge them on reporting.

Why did you decide to choose this particular case?

This scourge has become exposed to everyone, of all ages, whether women or youth, especially young women at a young age. And I feel that the topic is not talked about enough, so I wanted to shed more light on the topic.

Have you experienced this kind of harassment?

To be honest, I have not personally been subjected to any kind of electronic harassment or blackmail, but I know a person close to me who was blackmailed and suffered a lot as a result, and her story is not included in the campaign. And all I can tell is that she told me and told her family, who put an end to the matter, and this is what all those who are subjected to any kind of blackmail should not be ashamed and speak out so that matters can be resolved, because in some cases they may lead to suicide.

Was the song “If I Loved” dedicated to this issue? How did you choose the song?

The campaign is a continuation of the video song “If You Love”, which sheds light on this issue, and was not originally dedicated to this issue, but the production company that I deal with preferred to present this message entitled “You Draw the Line” (Draw The Line), and filmed the three cases Who experienced electronic harassment and blackmail from various angles. Then I launched the challenge.

Why did you cooperate with the Public Relations Division of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces Directorate?

The main objective is to invite victims of electronic harassment and extortion not to be afraid and to submit and to report in the event of exposure to electronic harassment or extortion through the “Report” service on the Directorate’s website: or via the official Facebook page: lebisf or Instagram, everyone who is subjected to blackmail must realize that he is not the only one and that he is not alone and that there are those who support him and support him.

When does Eman Mansour say, “You draw the line”?

I have already mentioned that I have not been subjected to any kind of electronic harassment or extortion, but if I doubt for a moment, I will tell my family and report directly to draw the boundaries.

As for my personal life, everything that harms my dignity, my family, my friends, and my country is a red line, and the borders will automatically be drawn.

Do you bring it again?

I’m preparing to release a new song in the summer, I hope everyone likes it.

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