“Despite the dollar crisis,” Muhammad Ramadan provokes the audience with a bundle of dollars in his private plane

In what some considered a provocation to the masses, especially with the dollar crisis the world is witnessing now, Muhammad Ramadan, upon his return from America, published pictures while he was sitting on the plane with a pile of dollars next to him, showing his indifference to them, which caused anger among the pioneers of social networking sites.

Muhammad Ramadan and a bundle of dollars

Mohamed Ramadan returned to Egypt after the end of his singing tour in the United States of America.

Muhammad Ramadan’s tour in America included a concert in Detroit, USA, on April 29, California on May 5, Texas on May 6, and New York on May 13.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Ramadan is showing him in the cinema the movie “Harley”, which has achieved great success during the past days since the beginning of its showing in various cinemas, as the film’s revenues approached 33 million pounds.

Muhammad Ramadan Award

expressed artist Mohamed Ramadan He expressed his happiness at winning the Best Actor award for his role in the series “Jaafar Al-Omda” in the “IT Bel Arabi” program poll.

Ramadan sent a message of thanks to his fans, who supported him in his artistic career, in a tweet he posted on the social networking site “Twitter”.

Muhammad Ramadan wrote: “Praise be to God, then thank my dear audience, for the award for best actor, best series and best character for Jaafar the mayor In the ET Arabic referendum.

Mohamed Ramadan and Amr Adib


The Economic Court, rejecting the appeal of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, ruled that he be fined 300,000 pounds, and paid a temporary civil compensation of 10,000 pounds, on charges of insulting and slandering the media, Amr Adeeb, and upheld the ruling.

The Economic Court in Cairo had earlier issued a ruling fining Mohamed Ramadan 300,000 pounds, on charges of insulting and slandering the journalist Amr Adib, and misusing social media, and obliging him to pay civil compensation of 10,000 pounds.

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