Palestine Film Festival in its ninth session

Palestine Film Festival in its ninth session
Palestine Film Festival in its ninth session
The Palestine Film Festival will launch in its ninth session under the slogan “On this earth there is something worth living”, in Paris and its environs: from 2 to 11 June. For the second time in Marseille: from 16 to 18 June.

The Palestine Film Festival in Paris chose, in its ninth session, to highlight the causes of environmental destruction in the Palestinian territories and the economic and social effects resulting from the depletion of environmental natural resources such as land and water, surface and groundwater pollution, the destruction of the agricultural sector, solid and radioactive waste, etc.. and the festival invites Viewers want to watch films such as “The Green Hand” by Jumana Manna, “Sebastia” by Dima Srouji, “We Have Always Known the Direction of the Wind” by Enas Halabi, and “Jal al-Bahr” by Diana Allan. The film “Alam” by Firas Khoury, “12 Beds” by Ren Mitri, and the short film “Zoo” by Tarek Rimawi will also be shown for the first time.

The festival organizes a round table on the topic, in which researchers in this field participate. The festival will feature, as every year, a short film competition and an outdoor evening in Villetaneuse, two events that have become essential in the cultural scene in Paris and its suburbs.

In Marseille, a special screening took place in Les Baumettes Prison on June 12 and 13, in the presence of Salah Hammouri. For the first year, the festival held a partnership with the Lieux Fictifs Association. Among the films shown are “A World Not Ours” by Mahdi Fleifel, “The 18 Wanted” by Amer Shomali, and “Eid The Birth of Layla” by Rashid Masharawi. Attendance is possible for holders of special invitations.

In addition to screenings of experimental short films, including “The Return of Osiris” by Issa Gharib, “In vitro” by Larissa Sansour, and “Paradiso XXXI 108” at VIDEODROM 2 cinema in Marseille.

As for the closing film, it will be “The Fertile Memory” in the presence of its director, Michel Khleifi, at the Gyptis Cinema in Marseille.

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