Cannes surprises Harrison Ford with an honorary Palme d’Or – Ambassador of the North


Cannes surprises Harrison Ford with an honorary Palme d’Or






Grant the actor American Harrison Ford evening Thursday ringworm golden Honoraryin festival He was Cinematic after his ascent degree middle applause to keep upthe offer the first for a movie Indiana Jones and The Dale or Destiny, sun highlightedevents session sixth 70th.

And yet 15 years from last film within series Indiana Jones an offer hethe other from Outside Competition within festival He was, Umrah the actor Greatagain hat Adventurer famous, But This is amazing time Before camera directorJames Mangold that form wok The Line(2005) on Johnny cashhighlighted his business.

And surprised the festival the star by granting him ringworm golden Honorary on Total This is amazing marchbefore start an offer the film, and he Section Fifth from series Adventures worldArchaeology that get famous with it the star adult 80 years. And it was the star Tom cruisehappened on ringworm golden Honorary Surprise also I have His presence the festivalgeneral missed to keep up the offer the first for his movie repent serenade: Maverick.”

and looked affected clear on Harrison Ford that body during his careergroup wide from Characters, from between them Han solo in StarWars, AndBlade runner, And he said the star I have Honor him that it affected very with thisThe initiative.

And I was met view Ford on rug the festival red in hours Eveningfirst, wearing suit dark and knot butterfly, company his wife CalistaFlockhart, fervently big from The audience, Especially that its passage accompany withMusic famous for string Indiana Jones that tune it John Williams.

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